This Broadcast Brought to You By….

This is prime time for political junkies. In less than two weeks, the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver; one week later, the Republicans hold their party convention in Minneapolis.


But convention broadcasting isn’t what it used to be. Times were, you could watch nearly every night on the Big Three networks; it was a late-summer ritual in presidential election years.

That’s no longer the case, which is why this political junkie is thankful for satellite television.

The Democrats have announced this week that you can find them on the Dish Network

Dish Network will bring live satellite video feeds into the convention hall from off-site locations across the country. The satellite provider will also offer uninterrupted, unedited live satellite convention coverage to its 13.8 million subscribers across country, available on Channel 211.

In addition, Dish Network’s video feed will be broadcast in HD on television monitors throughout convention venues and will be made available via satellite to television stations for downlink across the country and around the world.

“When we set out to make this convention more inclusive and accessible than ever before, we wanted to do more than get our message out—we wanted to bring the voices of American people into the process, and Dish Network will help us to do just that,” said Brook Colangelo, Director of Technology for the Democratic National Convention Committee, in a prepared statement. “Whether from inside the Convention hall, at watch parties in communities across the country, or from the comfort of their living room, Dish Network’s  technology and services will enhance the Convention experience for everyone who’s tuning in.”

What about the Republicans?


Thus far, they’ve only announced that Google will be their "Official Innovation Provider." We’re not sure what that means, exactly, but we’ve got high hopes that a satellite broadcast provider will be announced for the GOP in the coming weeks.