DIY Friday: Batman

If you’re still haunted by the stellar filmmaking in The Dark Knight and need a little more superhero in your life, this week’s DIY Friday is for you.

For a quick and easy project that’ll add some unique decoration to your home/office, check out this LED Bat-signal.

With just a couple of bottle caps, some tin-foil and a cheap LED laptop light, you’ll be good to go.

For the more ambitious DIY-er, check out this guy’s full scale replica of the batmobile.

In the pantheon of awesome fan art, Bob Dullam holds a place of high regard after his work on a full scale, working Tumbler replica from the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Constructed in his two-car garage with little more than pictures and the extra features from the DVD, Bob has built for himself the single baddest piece of driveway candy ever to make the leap from the silver screen. [Jalopnik]