National Digital Media Day in Canada


Tired of following politics in the U.S.? Go north of the border for more interesting news.

On 25 September 2008, at major urban intersections across Canada, National Digital Media Day will be marked by kissing mobs:

In celebration of National Digital Media Day, take part in the biggest Kiss across Canada on September 25th!

FLASH MOBBERS: Stop traffic at your city’s busiest intersection (TBA) for 2 minutes with some joyful kissing: simple peck, sloppy smooch, french kiss, full-on snog – you decide!

SHUTTERBUGS: Capture the Kiss moment with your iPhones, smartphones, or cameras and email/upload your pics to The Kiss website.

Kiss times:
Pacific time: 12pm
Mountain time: 1pm
Central time: 2pm
Eastern: 3pm
Atlantic: 4pm
Newfoundland: 4:30pm

Here’s the Facebook event.

Visit National Digital Media Day September 25

Visit National Digital Media Day September 25