Local Ads via Satellite TV

Inserting local ads via satellite TV broadcasts are a technological challenge. Addressing by household? Stop dreaming.

Wait, it’s real? Yes, and DISH Network was first to sign an agreement with Invidi last November:

Dish Network will be using Invidi’s Advatar technology to deliver addressable, targeted national and local television advertising, the satellite provider said Monday.

In a deal with Invidi Technologies, Dish Network will be among the first pay-TV providers utilizing Invidi’s system to sell addressable and targeted advertising according to specific household viewer geographic and demographic and other pre-determined viewer metrics.

Many of Dish Network’s advanced receivers support targeted advertising delivery, dynamic commercial insertion, and reporting on broadcast television and national programming networks.

Invidi’s system complies with all privacy laws and the company’s privacy policy, according to Dish Network. Traditional satellite broadcast delivery is currently limited to all homes receiving the same commercials. Dish Network viewers will benefit from this new technology through the increased relevance of the advertisements they receive.

Now DirecTV is getting into the boat:

DirecTV will use software from startup Invidi Technologies to deliver the targeted ads, beginning in 2011. The software can home in on the geographic region of viewers by picking up information from set-top boxes, said Michael Kubin, executive vice president of Invidi Technologies.

"We know exactly where a viewer is located, and to advertisers who want to avoid waste, that makes all the difference," Mr. Kubin said.

The new service will allow DirecTV, which has 18 million subscribers, "to compete for a large slice of the TV budget, which is local advertising," said Tracey Scheppach, senior vice president and video-innovations director at Publicis Groupe’s Starcom Worldwide.

Advertisers have been clamoring for more precision and rival cable operators have ramped up their own local ad offerings. At the same time, lawmakers are growing increasingly concerned about the privacy implications of ad-targeting technologies. On Thursday, Congress plans to hold a joint subcommittee hearing on privacy and digital advertising. "DirecTV stands ready to work with Congress on addressing any privacy concerns they may have with respect to consumers," a DirecTV spokesman said

 Great. Getting ready for annoying local ads…