When It Absolutely Positively Has to Get to Space

Not that I’ll need that service any time soon, but apparently Masten Enterprises are the people to call if you need to send something into space. For a fee, they’ll blast your stuff into the stratosphere. There’s even a video of how it works.

The prices seem pretty reasonable at first glance. 

350 gram CanSat – $99
1 kg Custom Payload – $250
2 kg Custom Payload – $500
5 kg Custom Payload – $1250

If you’re like me you’ll need a translation. 

0.77 lbs – $99
2.20 lbs – $250
4.40 lbs – $500
11.02 lbs – $1250

Then again maybe not. Seems like a lot of money to send something ranging from the size of a soda can to a well-fed cat into space. And how do you get your stuff back once it’s up there? Or do you just send up stuff that you no longer need? And if so, this is better than throwing it away or recycling it how

It sounds like a cool idea, but unless someone can explain to me just how useful it is, my advice to anyone who has something they no longer need and want to send into space is pretty simple: hold a garage sale.

Via Make.