Good vs. Evil

Just about everybody I’ve ever met in the satellite business was a good person. Honest, smart and nice to work with. Yeah, some of you may disagree with that assessment. Those that aren’t any good, don’t last long.

Take the news from Montana about the satellite TV installer who moonlighted as a burglar. During installation, he was actually "casing the joint," as they used to say. Not anymore. He’s going to jail because that’s just not cool, dog. Watch the video from KHBB-TV.

A local TV technician was sentenced today (8/5) for stealing thousands of dollars of items from the houses he worked in. Court papers say while Kyle Peck was working as a satellite installation technician at Buzzard Wireless in Great Falls he studied the homes of his clients and then came back later to rob them. During that time, he apparently stole video game systems, TVs and cash.

Today, he pleaded guilty to three felony counts including theft and burglary.

Under the plea agreement, he will serve a five year deferred sentence. Peck had two accomplices during his crimes, which he had previously met at juvenile drug court.

Axle Cremer was Peck’s lookout. He also pled guilty to theft today and will serve a three year deferred sentence.

Though most of the stolen items were returned, together the teens must also pay $700 in restitution.


There may be "nothing there" in Montana, but there certainly is justice.