WBMSAT News Bits for August 14, 2009


Satellite Industry News Bits August 14, 2009

atrexx introduces SCPC satellite services to South America and the Caribbean using its 2way2sat platform and the Intelsat 903 satellite.
[SatNews – 08/14/2009]

Thaicom expects to launch its IPStar broadband service in India later this year, as it reports a net profit of $5.8m for the second quarter.
[Satellite Today – 08/14/2009]

Integration of Optus D3 on Arian 5’s core stage clears way for JCSAT-12 to be integrated in upper position, in preparation for August 21 launch.
[SatNews – 08/13/2009]

GSA to manage purchase of $5b worth of commercial satellite services during next 10 years for all federal agencies including defense department.
[SatNews – 08/13/2009]

U.S. gives OK for the Indian Space Research Organization to launch Algerian satellites having American components using an Indian launch vehicle.
[SatNews – 08/13/2009]

Ukraine plans to launch an Earth remote sensing satellite in April 2010.
[SatNews – 08/13/2009]

Satellite news gathering is taking on a new look, with smaller vehicles enabled by small automatic antennas and broadband connectivity offered by systems such as C-COM Satellite Systems’ iNetVu.
[TMCnet – 08/13/2009]

Harris raises 2010 forecast on 2009 fiscal year results which included 13% increase in net income, and a fourth quarter of new order bookings of $129b.
[FloridaToday – 08/13/2009]

Lockheed Martin begins construction of new facilities in Newtown, PA to support satellite construction programs for government and commercial customers.
[Satellite Today – 08/13/2009]

Intelsat sales increase 10% in second quarter, driven by demand for communications infrastructure.
[Washingon Business Journal – 08/12/2009]

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. announces that the UK-DMC2 satellite has commenced operations and is delivering images.
[Satellite Today – 08/12/2009]

Satellite gravity maps show disastrous draining in India’s breadbasket, resulting in shrinking aquifers.
[IEEE Spectrum – 08/12/2009]

Gilat second quarter revenues down from 2008 by $9.6m, with net loss of $1.2m.
[GlobeNewswire – 08/11/2009]

Globecomm Systems to design, build, and test RF electronic upgrade kits for legacy X-band terminals deployed around the globe which are no longer supportable, under $2m government contract from a major global organization.
[SatNews – 08/11/2009]

Asiasat 5 is launched into space aboard Proton rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on August 10.
[Space – 08/11/2009]

WildBlue Communications announces successful start of rural broadband service on a third satellite, EchoStar’s AMC-15, a satellite provided to Echostar by SES Americom.
[Agriculture OnLine – 08/10/2009]

Dish Network shows signs of getting churn under control as it shows positive subscriber growth in second quarter for the first time in five quarters, adding 26,000 net new customers.
[Bloomberg – 08/10/2009]

SPOT LLC to provide real-time race tracking and GPS mapping for Primal Quest Badlands co-ed teams race through South Dakota’s Black Hills and Badlands.
[Globe NewsWire – 08/10/2009]

Keystone selected by Channel One to provide nationwide satellite distribution to schools of the school news broadcast.
[Business Wire – 08/10/2009]

Delays in U.S. Navy satellite program and decision by military not to launch more backup transmitters and receivers may lead to dead zones in communications coverage for U.S. troops and operatives in very remote regions of world in 2010.
[Defense News – 08/10/2009]

Iridium second quarter profit is up by 53% over 2008, at $28.6m.
[Washington Business Journal – 08/10/2009]

Western Canada’s Telus reaches 115,000 IPTV customers overall, with a gain of 17,000 subscribers in second quarter, a gain of 125% over last year; its Bell TV satellite TV service reaches more than 90% of the households in its region.
[FierceIPTV – 09/10/2009]

Dish Network profit slides 81% due to costs of litigation with TiVo, although it was able to add subscribers and maintain revenue.
[CED Magazine- 08/10/2009]

New undersea cables to Africa planned to provide broadband alternative to satellite, with 10 planned to be in service by middle of 2010.
[NY Times – 08/09/2009]

Commercial satellite transponder demand growth appears to be set for steady growth over next 10 years, though specific S-band and Ku-band trends vary substantially by region.
[NSR Report – August 2009]

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