Branding Space


 SES World Skies. That’s it: the name selected for the combined Americom New Skies. Although in today’s press release, it’s being calling a re-branding. Get this…

SES WORLD SKIES’ satellites and the people and technologies behind them are enabling a world of possibilities, innovations and business platforms around the world – from the delivery of advanced HD and DTH across The Americas, Asia, Africa and other regions to the global connectivity that is the lifeline for businesses offering enterprise, government, mobile and maritime communications services to millions of people in virtually every corner of the globe.


Funny, I just see a new name and logo. I think it will take much more effort to give this name some character and personality. The "ambition and satellites" line doesn’t work for me (“Because we design and build our satellites to support your ambitions.” from this pitch/PDF).

The yellow logo looks good on a background of dark suits…


Nice Photoshop hack job: Bednarek is taller than McGuirk.

Look! There’s a Facebook page. And Twitter, too. Let me share this with you: the SES splash page is more than a little annoying. And don’t even get me started on the Google Site Search (doesn’t work; search for "Bednarek" shows no results).