Hummus Loves Satellite


The food fight between Scripps and Cablevision is being watched closely by many. With 3 million subscribers, mostly in New York Metro, I feel Cablevision stands to lose more than it can gain. Don’t forget about the customer here, Jimmy.

Verizon’s FiOS TV, DirecTV and DISH Network are all hoping to gain customers who love watching Food Network and HGTV — two of the most popular cable channels in the U.S. They should think about leasing DTV sub channels from some of the local broadcasters. Now THAT would make it a real fight.

Meanwhile, in Israel, it’s all about peace and cooperation. We’re talking food and satellite — specifically hummus and a reflector. In fact, they’ve set a new world record: the largest plate of hummus ever.


 A partnership between SatLink Communications Ltd. and Israeli restaurateur and businessman Jawdat Ibrahim, created the world’s largest plate of Hummus, the Middle Eastern delicacy, weighing in at 4090 kilograms. Loaded onto a six-meter satellite dish provided by SatLink, the event brought together food aficionados and an official adjudicator from the Guinness World Records organization to Abu Gosh, a village located outside of Jerusalem.

The world’s largest hummus platter was unveiled and revealed three tons of chickpeas blended with one ton of tehina paste, and more than 5,000 pita breads with which to scoop up the delicacy. Acknowledged world-wide as the epicenter for the preparation and enjoyment of hummus, Abu Gosh is a focal spot for this celebration. Chefs from around Israel arrived early to prepare the overflowing satellite dish. Following local Arab-Israeli singers and a festive blessing by Ibrahim, the Guinness adjudicator acknowledged the new world record.

Here’s the video report..


Years ago, I made hummus using an Armenian recipe, adding homegrown hot peppers to give it some kick. Need to find that recipe.