Hayabusa Landing in WTF



WTF, in this instance, stands for the Woomera Test Facility in Australia. Hayabusa, the unmanned JAXA spacecraft that’s been on a mission to return asteroid samples back to earth since launching in 2003, is set to land in Australia in June.




The report, via Adelaide Now

 Australian authorities are working with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to land the Hayabusa in the Woomera Prohibited Area in June.

Hayabusa met with the asteroid Itokawa in 2005. Since then, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has been guiding the craft home to Earth.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said this was a great example of Australia’s ongoing contribution to international space programs.

"Australia is proud to support Japan in this world-first expedition," Senator Carr said.

"The Australian Government is investing $48.6 million in the Australian space sector through its new Space Policy Unit and Australian Space Research Program.

"The Space Policy Unit is the central point of contact and coordination for all civil space activities, including fostering links with international space organisations. The return of the Hayabusa is one of the many activities the unit is supporting."

Defence Minister Senator John Faulkner said Australian authorities would help ensure the recovery of the spacecraft on its return, working closely with their Japanese counterparts on the proposed path and landing of Hayabusa.



 Should prove be a cool landing: a high-speed re-entry from space, then descending via parachute. I’d expect nothing but the best in HD video from JAXA, as evidenced by this promo film. Not being able to understand the narator’s Japanese is not a factor…


Can’t  understand what "nature boy" is saying in this Bugs Bunny episode either.


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