WBMSAT News Bits October 29, 2010

Eutelsat loses W3B satellite following "an anomaly" detected on the propulsion subsystem; shares decline sharply on Paris exchange.
[Business Week – 10/29/2010]

Post-launch maneuvers of the SES WORLD SKIES satellite NSS-12 are successful.
[SatNews – 10/29/2010]

Iridium successfully closes financing for its next generation satellite constellation with a syndicate of nine banks.
[Satellite Spotlight – 10/29/2010]

November 25 Ariane 5 flight to launch Intelsat 17 and HYLAS 1 satellites.
[SatNews – 10/29/2010]

Middle East space and satellite sector booming – government investment, educational and research facilities, and numerous new satellites and space projects
[SatNews – 10/29/2010]

MTN Satellite Communications completes major upgrade of Wi-fi network aboard two Silversea Cruises vessels.
[RF Globalnet – 10/29/2010]

KVH Industries reaches distribution agreement with Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan for KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband service.
[SatNews – 10/29/2010]

Gauteng, South Africa High Court dismisses a case brought by multimedia firm Black Earth Communications and German satellite broadcaster Deukom against Icasa for not awarding BEK a satellite subscription broadcasting license in 2008.
[Business Day – 10/29/2010]

Ariane 5 launches Eutelsat’s W3B and B-SAT Corporation’s BSAT-3b satellites.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

NASA to send Discovery space shuttle on its last voyage Monday, November 1.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Hughes Network Systems selected by U.S. GSA to provide commercial satellite communications subscription services worldwide.
[PR Newswire – 10/28/2010]

China plans to complete a manned space station around 2020, as the Asian nation pushes ahead with its ambitious space exploration program.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Debt-free Sea Launch emerges from bankruptcy.
[Spaceflight Now – 10/28/2010]

Research and Markets adds Frost & Sullivan’s new report assessing world market for commercial satellite communications purchased by the U.S. Government and Military.
[Trading Markets – 10/28/2010]

New Intelsat satellite arrives safely at European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, for November launch.
[Space Travel – 10/28/2010]

 ESA’s Earth-observing satellite Envisat is moved to lower orbit to conserve fuel and extend its life by three years; it is again delivering data to thousands of scientists.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Astrium and Air Liquide agree to establish new joint venture to develop and produce cryogenic tanks for the Ariane 5 ME upperstage.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Lockheed Martin completes Intersegment System Testing (IST) of second Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) military communications satellite.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

GeoEye to add the EMS Osprey personal tracker solution as a custom two-way tracking and messaging solution to its Marine Services business suite of services.
[SatNews – 101/28/2010]

TIBA (Telepuerto Internacional Buenos Aires), of Latin America installs advanced Miranda graphics system to streamline branding and promotional graphics across the HD and SD channels.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Harris Corporation is awarded third option year of its Network and Space Operations and Maintenance (NSOM) program by the U.S. Air Force, valued at $64 million.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

ViaSat completes operational testing of airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) satcom system that provides 4 Mbit/sec high-speed return link off the aircraft.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Norsat satellite systems used in Chilean mine rescue broadcasts.
[Business Today – 10/28/2010]

TAM Airlines offering inflight mobile communications through pioneering partnership with OnAir.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Amazing images of reflection Nebulae captured by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE).
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

International Datacasting Corporation and Deluxe / EchoStar LLC reach agreement for initial order of IDC’s digital cinema specific equipment and content distribution solutions, that will potentially be worth several million dollars.
[SatNews – 10/28/2010]

Thales Alenia Space contract with Iridium for launch of 81 communications satellites is now in full effect.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

Comtech EF Data receives New Product Innovation of the Year award by Frost and Sullivan.
[Market Watch – 10/27/2010]

Expand Networks recommends features for Space Communications Protocol Standard to help deliver better TCP performance over a satellite Wide Area Network (WAN).
[Satellite Spotlight – 10/27/2010]

MEASAT announces that Sky News HD will be distributed via the MEASAT-3a satellite.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

Joint venture Spaceopal between Telespazio and DLR GfR of Germany signs contract with European Space Agency in plan to bring European satellite navigation system Galileo to full operational capacity.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

GlobeCast Australia to launch HD transmissions of UK reality show on an important anniversary of the show.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

Vizada launches proprietary VSAT fixed satellite service, the latest addition to its maritime broadband protfolio.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

SES WORLD SKIES announces that the Philippine’s DTH operator GSAT has contracted an additional transponder on the NSS-11 satellite.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

Partnership of Astrium and JSC NC Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS) reaches milestone with signature of a contract for a Satellite Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) Centre in Astana.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) announces its first fully integrated HD channel launch with Outdoor Channel throughout Asia and the Pacific.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

ORBIT Communication Systems, Inc. has contract to supply two Tri-Band (L/S/C) Telemetry Tracking Systems to the Telemetry Branch, Atlantic Test Ranges of the Naval Air Warfare Center.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

Avanti Communications signs three year managed services contract with the Hungarian service provider Banknet Kft for HYLAS-1 capacity.
[SatNews – 10/27/2010]

SatMAX delivers line-of-site wireless extension of satellite communications to major defense contractor.
[Market Watch – 10/26/2010]

Chinese satellite service hopes to be 4th largest in the world by 2015.
[Sat PR News – 10/26/2010]

T-Mobile to Launch Satellite TV Service in Czech Republic.
[Satellite Today – 10/26/2010]

Virgin Galactic celebrates the completion of Spaceport America, the first commercial purpose-built space port in Upham, New Mexico.
[SatNews – 10/26/2010]

Arqiva signs 30-plus European and Asian channel contribution deal with EchoStar.
[PR Newswire – 10/26/2010]

TeleCommunication Systems receives another $4.1M in funding from the U.S. Army under the SNAP deployable satellite systems equipment and support program.
[Trading Markets – 10/26/2010]

Lockheed Martin-Built BSAT-3b Satellite Ready for Launch for the Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation of Japan.
[PR Newswire – 10/26/2010]

CapRock Government Solutions partners with Tampa Microwave to deliver complete end-to-end man-packable military-grade satellite communications solutions.
[SatNews – 101/26/2010]

EADS Astrium putting final touches on Eutelsat’s KA-SAT high capacity broadband satellite.
[ZDNet – 10/25/2010]

Astrium to purchase a 75.1 percent stake in SES ASTRA’s satellite equipment provider and ground system integrator ND SatCom.
[SatNews – 10/25/2010]

Globecomm Wins $18 Million Ka-Band Infrastructure Contract from Hughes.
[Satellite Today – 10/25/2010]

ITT Corporation receives FAA clearance for nationwide deployment of satellite-based air traffic surveillance system, Automatic Dependent Surveillance — Broadcast (ADS-B), marking a major milestone in air traffic management.
[SatNews – 10/25/2010]

KVH and ViaSat double European capacity for Mini-VSAT with NSS-6 Addition.
[Satellite Today – 10/25/2010]

T-Mobile Czech Republic launches a new satellite TV service.
[Wireless Week – 10/25/2010]

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