Videoscape Via Satellite?


The vision that was IP-PRIME is now being preached by none other than Cisco. Is it real or just a dream at CES? Everything you want in video and communications. Delivered everywhere, any time.

What the Internet did to the telephone? Dude.

The details…

For consumers, Videoscape delivers:

  • Immersive experiences. Access to vast entertainment content sources, including broadcast channels, pay TV and the Web, integrating the Internet, social media, communications and mobility. The result is an experience that offers:
    • Ease of use. Videoscape provides easier access from multiple devices to content from multiple sources.
    • More entertainment possibilities on-screen, as content is delivered from a greater range of sources, including broadcast channels, on-demand TV, DVR and the Web.
    • More social and interactive features that integrate popular social networking websites and Cisco Telepresence video conferencing technology to allow you to show, share and engage with others through the TV.
    • More choices for content on the go, enabling consumers to take their TV experiences with them, viewing multiple forms of content over a wide range of mobile devices and smart phones.
  • Cisco quality-of-experience. Videoscape has network intelligence built in to enhance Internet video on the TV and to deliver the premium quality necessary for a higher-resolution experience instead of "best-effort" quality.

For service providers, Videoscape offers:

  • Expanded business models. Videoscape differentiates service provider video offerings from the competition and extends service opportunities for revenue generation. New models could include capabilities such as application delivery, home Telepresence, in-video e-commerce and more.
  • Extended service reach. Videoscape enables service providers to monetize activities outside their own network or traditional device footprints. For example, a service provider can offer a branded and personalized experience to its customers, regardless of their location or method of accessing content.

Enhance Internet video? Forget it, Mr. Phelps. That’s just impossible.