DIY Friday: X-Wing Fighter

What is that made of? Looks like a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter made of…OFFICE SUPPLIES!

Yes, rocket scientists, it’s that time between Cinquo de Mayo and Memorial Day weekend. You’re in a party mood on Fridays and it’s too early to wear white. Make the day more productive with these common office supplies:

  • 1 chisel sharpie
  • 4 pen lids
  • 1 small pencil sharpener
  • 4 2″ brass fasteners
  • 2 medium binder clips
  • 2 large binder clips
  • 1 defunct memory chip or similar
  • 1 strip of staplesepoxy or hot glue (hot glue works a LOT better)
  • poster putty

Thank Instructables for this diversion and may The Forces be with you.