Flavor of the Month: AppleBerry?

" Is the day near when you will get music on your BlackBerry and e-mail on your iPod?"

That’s the question swirling around the blogosphere after the Globe and Mail published a report this weekend claiming that senior executives at Intel have recommended that Research in Motion, Ltd. — makers of the uniquitous Blackberry — team up with Apple to work on a new product.  

The rumors began when analyst Peter Misek — who last year predicted the Intel/RIM collaboration– speculated on the partnership and argued that, in the least, the idea looks good on paper

Stan Beer over at ITWire shoots the whole thing down: 

One thing I do know, however, is that Apple is a hardware company that likes to control its own hardware. Another thing I know is that just three weeks ago we ran a substantiated story on this very site that outlined details of Apple working on its own iPod 3G mobile phone with Japanese company Softbank. As the story relates, Softbank president, Masayoshi Son and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs have met and reached an agreement to release a 3G iPhone for the Japanese market sometime in 2006.

The idea of Apple bringing its own iPod mobile phone to market appears to be more in line with the company’s culture than forming a joint venture with another hardware company that plays in a totally different market space. Apple is a company that does not like to share its brand and it likes to develop its own technology. Neither of those two philosophies appears to fit a Blackberry partnership.

What do you think? Is there an AppleBerry in your future? Or is the idea just another Ipod urban myth, like the Ipod that fell to Earth?