WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 11/11/11

New report by Global Industry Analysts projects worldwide demand for C-  and Ku-band satellite transponders to reach 7,840 36-MHz transponder  equivalents by 2017.
[SFGate – 11/11/2011]

Speaking on final day of MILCOM 2011 conference, commander of Space and  Missile Systems Center speaks of a future where reduced budgets force changes  such as smaller military satellites with streamlined capabilities catch rides  into space with commercial satellites.
[AFCEA SIGNALSCAPE – 11/11/2011]

First two Galileo satellites launched October 21 enter system’s first  validation phase, where 2 more satellites will join them in 2012, a first step  toward eventual constellation of 30 satellites.
[flightglobal – 11/11/20121]

Israel’s Gilat Satellite, two years into strategic expansion beyond corporate  world into defense and homeland-security industries, also broadens thrust into  worldwide consumer markets.
[MarketWatch – 11/11/2011]

SkyVision launches new Ku-band VSAT services in Africa.
[Satellite Today – 11/11/2011]

Raytheon receives multiple production orders from U.S. Navy and International  Partners for next-generation Navy Multiband Terminal protected Advanced  Extremely High Frequency satellite communications terminals over past year.
[Market Watch – 11/11/2011]

Cobham to introduce it Sea Tel FX line of Inmarsat FleetBroadband products to  market inMarch 2012.
[Satellite Today – 11/11/2011]

AsiaSat signs with Space Systems/Loral for construction of AsiaSat 6 and  AsiaSat 8 communications satellites.
[Market Watch – 11/11/2011]

Space and Missile Systems Center commander says “tactical EHF” satellites or  hosted payloads may be considered to fill gap left by cancellation of the  Transformational-Satellite program.
[National Defense – 11/10/2011]

LIghtSquared presents company’s vision for coast-to-coast wireless network at  PNT Advisory Board meeting; Javad GNSS shows data proving that the company’s  high precision GPS receivers coupled with lower power and shifted frequency of  LightSquared transmissions have eliminated interference issue.
[SatNews –  11/10/2011]

3Di Technologies and ZipLink, working on USO satellite network for Morale,  Welfare and Recreation, jointly optimize VoIP calling services for U.S. troops.
[IP Telephony – 11/10/2011]

Globecomm provides technology that offers automatic roaming between  satellites for Global Seatrade heavy-lift fleet.
[SatNews –  11/10/2011]

Iridium fortunes a long way from the day of Motorola’s bankruptcy sale to  investor for $25 million, as it posts $11.7 million profit and projects  subscriber growth of 25% for new year.
[Tom’s Guide – 11/10/2011]

Al Jazeera Balkans chooses Eutelsat’s W3C satellite to broadcast new network  across Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and  Montenegro.
[Market Watch – 11/10/2011]

Glitches including blaknk television screens, dead radio air, and  inexplicable broadcasts mar first nationwide test of Emergency Alert System for  cable, satellite, and broadcast service providers November 9, but not  unexpected.
[GSN Magazine – 11/10/2011]

Stratos Global announces that StratosTrax tracking portal with fully  integrated GPS and geofencing capabilities supporting web-based location,  identification, and tracking, is now commercially available.
[Satellite Spotlight – 11/10/2011]

Russian scientists struggle to recover Mars moon probe stranded in Earth  orbit by failure of interplanetary engines to fire, possibly due to failure of  orientation system.
[R&D Magazine – 11/09/2011]

Pentagon wrestling with how to develop satellite communications it needs  cheaper and faster as budgets tighten and current solicitations take too long.
[Federal News  Radio – 11/09/2011]

Eutelsat’s W3C satellite enters full commercial service.
[Market Watch – 11/09/2011]

TeleCommunication Systems announces partnership with Hughes Network to  incorporate the Hughes HX VSAT system in its TCS HX Enabled Secure Satellite  Network.
[Satellite Spotlight – 11/09/2011]

ITC Global completes successful acquisition of Broadpoint’s satellite  division.
[Market Watch – 11/09/2011]

C-COM Satellite Systems recently received $2 million worth of new orders for  its iNetVue mobile antenna products from Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.
[SatNews –  11/09/2011]

International Launch Services and Eutelsat announce contract for launch of  W3D satellite in 2013.
[Market Watch – 11/09/2011]

Chinese Mars orbiter Yinghuo-1 successfully launched by Russian Zenit-2SB  rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome, while Russian Mars probe launched early
Wednesday failed to reach intended orbit.
[SatNews –  11/08/2011]

For first time in history of Arianespace, operating teams are deployed on  Ariane, Soyuz, and Vega launch pads for three launch preparation campaigns  involving 18 payloads.
[SatNews –  11/08/2011]

Intelsat’s growing customer base in Africa will see incremental capacity  added by three additional Intelsat satellites to be launched in 2012 to serve  the region.
[Business Wire – 11/08/2011]

Hughes Network Systems receives government contract to provide airborne  satellite communications.
[UPI – 11/08/2011]

Space and Missile Systems Center announces publication of guide to allow  commercial launch providers to compete for future launch service opportunities.
[SatNews –  11/08/2011]

Jupiter satellite, under construction by Space Systems/Loral in Silicon  Valley, will join 66 other SS/L-built communications satellites in orbit when  launched; SS/L recently experiencing strong demand for satellite construction  due to high demand for bandwidth.
[Mercury News – 11/08/2011]

GE Intelligent Platforms and Juniper Networks announce collaboration to  develop family of rugged, highly secure routing and network security appliances  designed for military/aerospace deployment in harsh environments where security  of data is paramount.
[SatNews –  11/08/2011]

Gilat-owned Wavestream introduces AeroStream family of airborne-qualified,  solid-state transceivers for integration into military and commercial airborne  and unmanned satellite communication systems.
[SatNews –  11/08/2011]

Globecomm introduces Tempo enterprise media appliance to stream live and  on-demand content over Corporate WAN, Internet, Satellite, or any hybrid  delivery combination, to desktops, mobile devices, and televisions.
[Business Wire – 11/08/2011]

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation receives additional funding of $11.7  million and $0.5 million to support Army’s Blue Force Tracking Program and  Movement Tracking System Program.
[Market Watch – 11/08/2011]

NSR’s Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand, 8th Edition study,  indicates that satellite operators continue to buck global economic malaise.
[SatNews –  11/07/2011]

ViaSat plans to offer 12 MBPS download speeds with monthly cap on total date  downloaded for Internet service on its ViaSat-1 satellite, with service to begin  in next six weeks or so.
[Sign On San Diego – 11/07/2011]

With its AMOS line of satellite to be rounded out by AMOS-4 in 2013, and it’s  “Atlantic Bridge” coverage between U.S. East Coast and Europe or the Middle  East, Spacecom seeks to challenge other global satellite operators.
[TMCnet – 11/07/2011]

Pakistan’s first communications satellite, launched in August by China, has  reached intended orbit and all subsystems are functioning well.
[IBN Live – 11/07/2011]

NASA’s Deep Space Network antenna in Goldstone, California captures radar  images of Asteroid 2005 YU55 passing close to earth.
[SatNews –  11/07/2011]

Brazilian aircraft builder and National Telecom consider satellite joint  venture.
[Satellite Today – 11/07/2011]

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