WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 11/25/2011

Northrop Grumman testbed creates significant efficiencies for Air Force’s  Defense Weather Satellite System program.
[Terra Daily – 11/24/2011]

ViaSat UK launches range of high-capacity satellite-based products  designed for use by the UK military and government.
[Tech World – 11/24/2011]

Raytheon tests its Army Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactile Terminal  with the on-orbit Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite, becoming  first company to test the satellite.
[emoney daily – 11/24/2011]

Taiwan wins European Satellite Navigation Competition for creative  Geo-coupon App based on Global Navigation Satellite System.
[Market Watch – 11/23/2011]

KVH honored with two awards for the small size, fast data rates, and  affordable service of the 14.5″ TracPhone V3 maritime terminal  operating on its global miniVSAT system.
[Market Watch –  11/23/2011]

ViaSat UK expands beyond traditional secure storage device market,  offering satellite broadband for businesses and government departments.
[V3.co.uk – 11/23/2011]

Globalstar contracts Thales Alenia Space to develop software patch to be sent  to Globalstar satellites to overcome momentum-wheel failures that have taken one  satellite out of service and threaten others.
[Space News – 11/23/2011]

Iridium offers iOS app AxcessPoint Mail & Web App to bring satellite  connectivity to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
[Slash Gear – 11/23/2011]

Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited plans launch of replacement  satellite NigComSat-1R on December 19.
[all Africa –  11/23/2011]

ULA successfully completes second milestone toward certification of Atlas V  launch vehicle for human spaceflight.
[SatNews –  11/22/2011]

Gilat is selected by leading Latin American operator for delivery of full  scale SkyEdge II network for national post office program.
[SatNews –  11/22/2011]

SatCom Global announces point of presence in Sydney, Australia allowing its  customers to terminate Inmarsat BGAN and FleetBroadband IP traffic locally,  reducing latency and cost.
[SatNews –  11/22/2011]

Four-year partnership with ESA allows Air France passengers to see satellite  photos of landscape below the aircraft.
[SatNews –  11/22/2011]

Due to popular demand, Pactel International to continue the just concluded  2011 series of satellite communication seminars in 2012.
[SatNews –  11/22/2011]

BGP of China names Marlink as supplier of high quality and high capacity VSAT  satellite communications for its fleet of advanced seismic vessels.
[SatNews –  11/22/2011]

U.S. Committee report on China urges satellite preparation for potential  cyber attack from China and prepare for situations where U.S. space satellites  are partially or completely destroyed.
[Satellite Today – 11/22/2011]

U.S. satellite hacking case a mystery; satellite services firm running ground  station says there’s no evidence of any attack against its systems; commander of  U.S. military space operations says insufficient evidence makes it impossible to  confidently attribute blame over possible attempts to take over satellites.
[The  Register – 11/21/2011]

China places two more satellites into orbit, Chuangxin 1-03 and Shiyan  Satellite 4, via Long March 2D carrier rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch  Center.
[SatNews – 11/21/2011]

SES-4 satellite, built by Spaced Systems/Loral for SES, arrives at Baikonur  launch base – will be 50th and largest satellite in global SES fleet.
[Business Wire – 11/21/2011]

AsiaSat7 satellite set for launch on November 27th.
[Media Mughals – 11/21/2011]

Head of Iranian Space Agency states that it is ready to set up national  satellite launch base in the country’s southeastern region.
[SatNews –  11/21/2011]

Thales Alenia to build Turkmenistan’s first satellite to be launched in 2014  into orbital slot controlled by government of Monaco.
[Space News – 11/21/2011]

U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in appeal challenging use of GPS data in  conviction of drug dealer.
[SatNews –  11/21/2011]

Decision by Canadian Conservative government to spend nearly half a billion  dollars on construction of U.S. military satellite sparks concerns about secrecy  surrounding project and who will ultimately control information it transmits.
[Montreal Gazette – 11/21/2011]

All systems go for NASA’s third generation upgrade (TDRS-K) of the  orbiting TDRS satellite network communications network.
[PHYSORG –  11/21/2011]

U.S. Geological Survey has stopped acquiring images from 27-year-old Landsat  5 (designed to last three years) due to rapidly degrading electronic component.
[Satnews –  11/21/2011]

Harris Corporation completes preliminary design review for synthetic aperture  radar payload on modular space vehicle.
[Market Watch – 11/21/2011]

U.S.A.F. Los Angeles AFB gets upgrade addressing telemetry, tracking, and  control for all Air Force communication satellite constellations.
[SatNews –  11/21/2011]

Avanti Communications welcomes two new service provider customers – Antech  S.p.A in Italy, and BriteYellow Ltd in the U.K., while NASSAT of Spain extends  commitment to Avanti.
[SatNews –  11/21/2011]

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