Neil Armstrong

He’s sure to be mentioned in every history book everywhere. Neil Armstrong: first man to set foot on the Moon.

He was a brave guy was flying before he was driving, according to the obituary in the N.Y. Times. Eagle Scout and a test pilot of the X-15.

It took balls to be the first, and to live with that fact for many years.

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  • Roman says:

    As a musician/songwriter, I have my top three rock royalty picks as far as music legends go. Jimmy Page, Tony Banks and yes, Dee Dee Ramone. But then there are those super special people that rise way above them all. To me, Neil Armstrong was and still is the ultimate rock star. He was cool, quite, smart, shunned the spotlight, and possessed a brass set of balls. How many folks on this planet can say they walked on the moon? Only twelve! And how many can say they were the first? One. Neil Armstrong.

  • miami says:

    In 2009 we lost Michael Jackson. Now we’ve lost Neil Armstrong. We’re running out of moon walkers.

  • Chris says:

    It was only 56 years from the first powered flight to the first true spacecraft, the X-15. Then only ten short years to landing on the moon.

    These are uniquely American achievements by great Americans such as Neil Armstrong. God Bless American exceptionalism.