WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/14/2012

Nicaragua negotiating satellite purchase with China.
[Phys Org – 09/14/2012]

U.S. Department of Justice action casts doubt on acquisition of Loral satellite manufacturing arm by MDA; MDA share prices drop.
[Reuters – 09/14/2012]

IsatData Pro satellite service of SkyWave Mobile Communications is authorized for operation in the territory of the Russian Federation.
[SatNews – 09/14/2012]

Intelsat provides Global VSAT Forum Professional Training to more than 1,000 of its customers and employees.
[Herald Online – 09/14/2012]

Boeing is approved as service provider for the Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition program.
[Space Daily – 09/14/2012]

United Launch Alliance launches fourth NROL-36 mission for NRO in 2012 and also carries aloft 11 CubeSats.
[SatNews – 09/13/2012]

Indian Space Research Organization to launch Indo-French SARAL satellite December 12, 2012 on PSLV-C20 rocket.
[Satellite Today – 09/13/2012]

Thales Alena Space signs to manufacture and deliver six additional satellites for Globalstar second-generation constellation.
[SatNews – 09/13/2012]

Liberty nears control of Sirius XM Radio.
[Reuters – 09/13/2012]

Encompass Government Solutions to become Inmarsat’s satellite access station in support of the new Global Xpress constellation.
[SatNews – 09/13/2012]

Spacecom is recognized as Best Regional Satellite Operator at World Satellite Business Conference.
[SatNews – 09/13/2012]

Surrey Satellite Technology gets 2012 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Systems award for Disaster Monitoring Constellation at AIAA Space 2012 conference and exhibition in Pasadena, CA.
[SatNews – 09/13/2012]

International Launch Services analysis reveals root cause of Telkom-3/Express MD-2 mission was component of pressurization system that was not manufactured to specifications.
[SatNews – 09/12/2012]

Eutelsat is distinguished as Global Operator of the Year by industry experts at World Satellite Business Week.
[digital technology – 09/12/2012]

SpaceX is contracted to launch three additional SES satellites.
[SatNews – 09/12/2012]

South Korea announces intent to launch rocket next month carrying an observation satellite, its third attempt following two failures.
[SatNews – 09/12/2012]

Panasonic signs deal with Singapore Airlines to provide advanced in-flight entertainment and communications systems for more than 40 new aircraft.
[Satellite Today – 09/12/2012]

Viasat’s Exede Internet, the fast-growing high-speed consumer satellite broadband service, expands to serve commercial airlines.
[SatNews 09/12/2012]

Laser Light Communications launched at World Satellite Finance Forum.
[PR Newswire – 09/11/2012]

Qatar Satellite Company exhibiting Es’hailSat, first satellite in planned global fleet, to be launched in 2013, at International Broadcast Convention.
[SatNews – 09/11/2012]

Space Systems/Loral and Sea Launch form Independent Oversight Board to oversee investigation into root cause of an anomaly causing solar array damage on a recently launched satellite.
[SatNews – 09/11/2012]

JSAT signs Multi-Launch Services Agreement with Arianespace.
[SatNews – 09/11/2012]

OnAir receives authorization to operate Wi-Fi service in Australian Airspace.
[Satellite Today – 09/11/2012]

Gilat’s Spacenet reaches 10,000 store milestone in equipping the Dollar General locations with Spacenet VSAT.
[SatNews – 09/11/2012]

Satellites and secure wireless evolve to meet new demands of U.S. Defense Department.
[Defense Systems – 09/11/2012]\

India launches 100th space mission.
[Space.com – 09/10/2012]

Spacecom set to launch AMOS-4 in 2013.
[SatNews – 09/10/2012]

Arianespace managing concurrent activities for six different upcoming launch missions.
[SatNews – 09/10/2012]

Hughes unveils advanced auto-deploy mobile satellite solution for police and emergency crews.
[Satellite Today – 09/10/2012]

Thales Alenia Space wins French military satellites design contract.
[Defence Professionals – 09/10/2012]

Astrium hopes near-global X-band coverage to be completed with upcoming launch will draw U.S. government business.
[Space News – 09/10/2012]

Astrium announces that satellite telecommunications services offered by Vizada, Vizada Networks, and Paradigm will marketed under the Astrium brand name beginning in October 2012.
[SatNews – 09/10/2012]

Spacecom contracts Israel Aerospace Industries to manufacture the AMOS-6 satellite, scheduled for launch in 2015.
[SatNews – 09/09/2012]

Inverto delivers latest generation LNB using Entropic Communications leading channel stacking switch technology for European DBS operators and satellite free-to-air market.
[NASDAQ – 09/08/2012]

Global Telesat introduces RedPort WiFi Optimizer for fast, low-cost data connections with any satellite phone.
[Equities – 09/10/2012]

Inmarsat Global Xpress service falters as competing satellite maritime offerings enter the market.
[SatMagazine September issue – Alan Gottlieb article]

Global Direct-to-Home Markets, 5th Edition NSR report now available.
[NSR – September 2012]

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