WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits – 02/01/2013

Intelsat 27 plunges into Pacific as Zenit-3SL Sea Launch rocket fails 50 seconds after launch, possibly veering off course due to heavy waves. [Space Travel – 02/01/2013]

DigitalGlobe enters GeoEye into United Arab Emirates competition by proposing to sell the nearly completed GeoEye-2 satellite to the UAE. [Space News – 02/01/2013]

Space programs face cuts in 2014-2020 European Union budget. [Space News – 02/01/2013]

NASA successfully launches a Terrier-Improved Orion suborbital rocket from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. [Space Travel – 02/01/2013]

Iran’s claims to have launched a Pioneer Explorer Satellite with a monkey aboard, and to have safely recovered the monkey, called into question as photos appear to show two different monkeys. [Space News – 02/01/2013]

Inmarsat, with partners AnsuR Technologies and SingTel, showcase portfolio of voice and data solutions at Asia Pacific  Aid and International Development Forum in Thailand. [SatNews – 02/01/2013]

Yahsat partners with turIT Uganda to begin operating its Yahclick satellite broadband service in Uganda. [Satellite Today – 01/31/2013]

Eutelsat announces it will deliver the fastest satellite-based consumer broadband speeds in the United Kingdom with a new range of Tooway packages with unlimited data download usage day and night, at competitive prices. [Satellite Today – 01/31/2013]

PolarSat receives multiple orders from General Administration of Civil Aviation of China for equipment supply and technical services for additional VSATPlus II satellite communications equipment. [SatNews – 01/31/2013]

NASA program will use spare parts from a retired wind-measurement satellite to build a new hosted observatory that will be launched to the International Space Station in 2014. [Space News – 01/30/2013]

South Korea successfully launches its first satellite, an Earth observation satellite launched aboard the Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 (KSLV-1). [Satellite Today – 01/30/2013]

Globalstar confirms February 5 launch for its fourth launch of six second generation satellites. [Satellite Evolution Group – 01/30/2013]

European Space Agency selects Astrium to develop the Ariane 5 ME and Ariane 6 launchers. [Satellite Today – 01/30/2013]

Inmarsat introduces Remote Terminal Manager, which provides management and control over unmanned M2M terminals in the field. [Satellite Today – 01/30/2013]

New NASA TDRS-K satellite is first of three to launch between now and 2014 to upgrade the TDRS satellite network for tracking spacecraft and satellites orbiting Earth. [Space.com – 01/29/2013]

Boeing completes software qualification and systems integration tests on U.S. Air Force Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminal (FAB-T) program which will provide protected wideband satellite communications for command and control of U.S. nuclear forces. [Satellite Spotlight – 01/29/2013]

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to launch Israel’s Amos 6 communications satellite in 205. [Spaceflight Now – 01/29/2013]

Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems Interoperability Working Group meets in France, welcoming for the first time Russian and Indian representatives. [Satellite Today – 01/29/2013]

Global military satellite market is dominated by Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin. [Companies and Markets – 01/29/2013]

Hughes satellite broadband internet and voice supports Habitat for Humanity in Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts. [msn MONEY – 01/29/2013]

Swedish based satellite broadband supplier Ancylus enters strategic partnership with Net1 to offer Scandinavian and Nordic maritime market a cost effective Hybrid broadband solution. [WBMSAT – 01/29/2013]

Skywave’s IsatData Pro satellite network and ILS Technology’s deviceWISE M2M platform are teamed to enable Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Industrial Automation industries to implement SCADA applications in less time at lower cost. [Satellite Spotlight – 01/29/2013]

Gilat announces its subsidiary Wavestream has exclusive contract to provide Ka-band tranceivers to Honeywell to provide in-flight connectivity to Inmarsat Global Xpress network. [MarketWatch – 01/29/2013]

Singapore’s MediaCorp selects Pay-OTT platform provider Tvinci to power its new cross device service, Toggle, available as a subscription or pay per view service offering both linear and video on-demand. [Satellite Today – 01/29/2013]

NATO’s protected satellite communications capability to be upgraded by Thales to enhance performance and reduce operational costs. [UPI – 01/28/2013]

Effects of Worst Satellite Breakups in History Still Felt Today. [Space.com – 01/28/2013]

ViaSat signs contracts that increase Ku-band satellite capacity of Global Mobility Satellite Network by more than 60 percent. [4-traders – 01/28/2013]

Hughes is contracted by government of Punjab to provide India’s largest ever satellite-based education network, for over 2900 schools. [msn MONEY – 01/28/2013]

Japan plans to offer 4K satellite video broadcasts starting in July 2014; also, NHK expects to bring 8K on line by 2016 (8K is understood to be at the limit of what the human eye can process). [Satellite Today – 01/28/2013]

Belarusbank to service Chinese loan for Belarusian satellite communication project. [Belarusian Telegraph Agency – 01/28/2013]

Rusat, a Russian satellite service provider for enterprise, ISPs, and government agencies, launches new satellite broadband service using Newtec’s latest VSAT hub and end-user terminal technology. [Satellite Today – 01/28/2013]

Japan successfully launches two intelligence satellites, amid concerns over North Korean plans for additional long-range rocket tests and nuclear tests. [Satellite Today – 01/27/2013]

Satellites reveal North Korean nuclear test preparations. [Nextgov – 01/25/2013]

NSR free webinar March 13 to discuss government and military satcom demand. [NSR – March 13 Webinar]

NSR report, Energy Markets Via Satellite, 3rd Edition, coming in March. [NSR – Energy Markets Report]

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