WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/23/2013

Radio communication with ground station confirms successful launch of South Korea’s new satellite.
[global post – 08/23/2013]

Azerbaijani Communications Minister announces a tender will soon be offered for the launch of the nation’s second communications satellite.
[ABC.AZ – 08/23/2013]

Lenders holding some $1.4 billion in claims against bankrupt LightSquared join lawsuit by Philip Falcone claiming that Charles Ergen and Dish Network are trying to grab LightSquared’s spectrum licenses at a discount.
[Forbes – 08/23/2013]

Venezuela looks to become more relevant player in the satellite industry in Latin America.
[Via Satellite – 08/23/2013]

Brazil to host both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games in the space of three years; making the broadcasting component of these events a success is a key challenge for the satellite industry.
[Via Satellite – 08/23/2013]

Milstar gains new capabilities, adding software providing additional functionality by using existing passive sensors on the system as a Wide Angle Sun Sensor.
[CSMMNG – 08/23/2013]

ESPN, one of the first sports broadcasters to offer 3D, pulling the plug in June after disappointing viewer figures, has no plans to offer Ultra HD.
[Digital Spy – 08/23/2013]

NASA looks for a dedicated small-satellite launcher, with a firm, fixed-price contract aimed at reducing a backlog of more than 50 cubesats the agency has accumulated.
[Space News – 08/22/2013]

Satellite TV subscribers are expected to reach 250 million by 2018, with Asia and Africa hotspots for DTH.
[Via Satellite – 08/22/2013]

TeleCommunication Systems gets incremental $2.8 million for Tactical Transportable TROPO (3T) communications systems to provide beyond-line-of-sight communications without satellite resources.
[SatNews – 08/22/2013]

Cisco’s mobile telemedicine system will soon be available in remote and underserved communities, using Inmarsat’s satellite network. [Hispanic Business – 08/22/2013]

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer spacecraft to emerge from two-year hibernation and resume asteroid hunting mission.
[Via Satellite – 08/22/2013]

Es’hailSat and ARABSAT announce a strategic partnership to promote closer co-operation and strengthen the reach and penetration of the 26 degrees East hot spot neighborhood for TV broadcasting.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/22/2013]

Leading investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. acquires a stake in RigNet. [Satellite Evolution Group – 08/22/2013]

U.S. Air Force to spend additional $36 to $40 billion into its effort to put military and spy satellites in orbit using commercial rocket services.
[Foreign Policy – 08/21/2013]

U.S. Air Force awards contract option to Space Systems/Loral to continue developing and demonstrating design concepts for next generation Protected Military Satellite Communications.
[Hispanic Business – 08/21/2013]

Communications network manager SageNet of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is acquiring a larger competitor, satellite communications company Spacenet.
[Hispanic Business – 08/21/2013]

Comtech EF Data gets $3.2 million order from Globecomm for equipment to support the upgrade of a major U.S. broadcaster’s existing affiliate exchange network. [Satellite Evolution Group – 08/22/2013]

Ford Motor Co. takes a fresh look at how space-based communication relays might help earthbound vehicles better navigate traffic congestion, and get an SOS out in case of trouble.
[Fleet Owner – 08/21/2013]

U.S. Air Force releases final request for proposals for a contracting vehicle to standardize processes for placing dedicated military capabilities aboard commercial satellites.
[Space News – 08/20/2013]

TDRS-K satellite completes in-orbit testing and is handed over to NASA; Boeing completes performance testing ot TDRS-L satellite and readies it for shipment to Kennedy Space Center later this year.
[Space Ref – 08/20/2013]

Surprise Chinese satellite maneuvers mystify Western experts.
[Space News – 08/20/2013]

Communications regulator Ofcom proposes to license new satellite system for aircraft, ships and trains to provide wi-fi fast enough to stream video content such as Netflix and the BBC’s iPlayer.
[BBC – 08/20/2013]

The Global VSAT Forum and the Satellite Interference Reduction Group will work with the Chinese satellite communications industry to jointly present an Interference Prevention Summit September 4th at China Satellite.
[SatNews – 08/20/2013]

ISRO calls off GSLV-D5 launch due to fuel leak in second stage of rocket engine.
[Z News – 08/19/2013]

NSR expects the trend of increasing mass of satellites to continue, and questions the viability of the next potential European launcher, Ariane-6.
[NSR – 08/19/2013]

Harris announces completion of successful demonstration of a small, deployable LTE solution supported by satellite connectivity.
[Urgent Communications – 08/19/2013]

NSR September Government and Military Satellite Communications report to give readers a unique view on funding for satellite communications, demand by type of capacity and developments to watch, and assist in strategic decision-making in a tense budgetary environment.
[NSR – September 2013]

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