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Falcon 9

Musk says SpaceX is being “extremely Paranoid” as it readies for demonstration flight of an upgraded Falcon 9 rocket in California this month.
[Space News – 09/06/2013]

CubeSats’ communication range may be significantly extended with inflatable antennae.
[R&D Magazine – 09/06/2013]

ViaSat files another patent suit against Space Systems/Loral.
[socaltech – 09/06/2013]

Brazil will attempt to escape the prying eyes of the NSA with a new satellite and fiber optic cables.
[Reuters – 09/05/2013]

French government creates joint government-industry grouping called Cospace to avoid repeat of policy disputes between French industry and CNES in 2012.
[Space News – 09/05/2013]

Pressure mounts on Orbital Sciences; it may be needed for an additional cargo run to the International Space Station as soon as December because SpaceX will likely not be ready to fly.
[Space News – 09/05/2013]

Houston Texas announces that it is pushing forward with plans to build the nation’s latest spaceport.
[Space News – 09/05/2013]

Eutelsat and Samsung partner on world first Ultra HD satellite broadcast direct to Ultra HD TVs.
[The Wall Street Journal – 09/05/2013]

Iridium, Thales Alenia Space, and Harris to announce new hosted payload business initiative at World Satellite Business Week.
[4-traders – 09/05/2013]

European Satellite Day 2013 spotlights key benefits of satellite services for European citizens.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/05/2013]

DISA selects TeleCommunication Systems to provide managed satellite services.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/05/2013]

Alphasat satellite

Euroconsult report puts growth of MSS terminal base at 10% over past five years, to 2.9 million active MSS terminals worldwide in 2012, and revenue of $1.5 billion in that year.
[Space Daily – 09/05/2013]

French Minister of Higher Education and Research announces that the government is allocating 25 million euros to an upgrade of the Ariane launcher.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/05/2013]

Gottlieb International Group to present “Battle of the Satellite Services” webinar on the future of Global Xpress, EpicNG, O3b and Viasat in maritime, Oil and Gas and Aviation on September 26, 2013.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/05/2013]

B-2 Bomber

B-2 bomber to get communications upgrade to use Very Low Frequency signals bounced off the atmosphere to replace Ultra High Frequency system using expiring DISA satellites, while waiting for new satellite systems.

[U.S. Air Force – 09/05/2013]

O3b and Kymeta sign agreement to develop flat panel satellite antenna for ultra-fast and affordable broadband services around the world.
[Fort Mill Times – 09/05/2013]

Comtech EF Data introduces new CDM-625A advanced satellite modem.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/05/2013]

Mano Cruises to further increase scope of communications for guests and crew using existing partner MTN.
[SatNews – 09/05/2013]

Thuraya is set to launch a new edition of its satellite adaptor for the iPhone. [Lync Migration Resource Center – 09/05/2013]

TrustComm expands its portfolio to include mobile satellite services in partnership with Inmarsat, Thuraya, Boeing, and Cobham.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/05/2013]

Eutelsat selects SAT Corporation to upgrade satID system.
[Via Satellite – 09/05/2013]

Doosan selects ORBCOMM to deliver end-to-end telematics solution for Doosan and their customers and dealers for global deployment.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/05/2013]

Global VSAT Forum to run a contest on its booth at IBC 2013 in the form of an interactive exercise in broadcast uplink (SNG) skills.
[SatNews – 09/05/2013]

NASA moon satellite to be launched this week will test laser communication back to Earth expected to provide record-breaking 600 megabits-per-second downloads.
[Technology Review – 09/04/2013]

Al Jazeera says it can categorically state that Egyptian authorities are deliberately jamming its satellite signals and forcing it to change frequencies so viewers can tune in.
[Space News – 09/04/2013]

Anatel awards O3b Networks rights to operate in Brazil.
[Via Satellite – 09/04/2013]

Inmarsat and Telespazio join to develop offerings for energy and M2M.
[Via Satellite – 09/04/2013]

C-Com Satellite Systems forms partnership with Vislink to promote, market, sell and support C-Com iNetVu products.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/04/2013]

Iridium Transceiver Antenna System can communicate outside traditional cellular networks to provide fleet and asset management services worldwide.
[Thomasnet – 09/04/2013]

New NSR report foresees strong satellite operator revenue growth, but the potential for oversupply looms over the industry.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/03/2013]

India’s GSAT-7 satellite is successfully positioned in geosynchronous orbit.
[NetIndian – 09/03/2013]

USGS Landsat 8 Photo

USGS interactive photos show Yosemite National Park before and after the Rim fire devastation.
[USGS 09/03/2013]

Team works to build ferro-liquid ion thruster for nanosatellites.
R&D Magazine – 09/03/2013]

SSL-built multi-mission satellite, EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1, is successfully performing post-launch maneuvers.
[Your Communication News – 09/03/2013]

TeleCommunication Systems wins $58.3 million contract to supply managed satellite services to the U.S. Marine Corps.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/03/2013]

Harris completes advanced weather-data simulators, part of $740 million program to help build the country’s next-generation weather-satellite network.
[Orlando Sentinel – 09/03/2013]

SatLink is selected by i24 News to distribute international news channels.
[Via Satellite – 09/03/2013]

Russia orbits Israeli communications satellite AMOS-4, the largest and most sophisticated commercial satellite built in Israel to date.
[Space Fellowship – 09/01/2013]

Satellite Executive September 2013 issue includes: “The Danger of Overcapacity” – Jan Grondrup-Vivanco, “4K TV Technology Push or Demand Pull?” – Elisabeth Tweedie, “What’s Behind a Satellite Dish?” – Robert Bell, and Verticals and Horizontals: Satellite’s Expanding Marketplace” – Martin Jarrold.
[Satellite Markets – September 2013]

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