WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 11/29/2013

SpaceX’s second attempt to launch SES-8 satellite, on Thanksgiving day, is shut down at last second as the rocket’s nine first-stage Merlin engines automatically shut down at ignition as increase in pressure in first stage oxygen tank was slower than expected.
[Space News – 11/29/2013]

SSL Partners with NASA to place laser communications relay demonstration on a commercial satellite.
[Azooptics – 11/28/2013]

Signalhorn is awarded funding from the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a gateway that will allow its customers to monitor all aspects of their services with the company, under ESA’s ARTES program.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 11/28/2013]

Brazil’s communications ministry (MinCom) approves two projects to deploy terrestrial satellite control stations by state-run telco Telebras under a tax exemption program
[BN Americas – 11/28/2013]

Image for illustration only – Space Daily

European Space Agency announces that next two large science missions will study the hot and energetic universe and search for elusive gravitational waves.
[Space Daily – 11/28/2013]

Brazilian telecom provider Telebras and Embraer sign contract to supply the Defense and Strategic Communications Geostationary Satellite (SGDC) system following outcry over U.S. spying..
[Space Daily – 11/285/2013]

Why the world’s 2nd largest fleet operator (SES) agreed to be SpaceX’s 1st customer for a launch to GEO.
[Space News – 11/27/2013]

NASA photo – PhysOrg

Small satellite delivered to International Space Station is launched into space to demonstrate advanced deorbiting technique using exo-brake parachute..
[Phys Org – 11/27/2013]

Recent launch of Minotaur 1 rocket marked first flight test of new on-board safety system aimed at preventing errant rockets from causing damage or bodily harm on the ground.
[Space News – 11/27/2013]

Nitrogen tanks explode at SpaceX’s Texas rocket test facility.
[Space News – 11/27/2013]

Analyst speculates that Dish could spend up to $10.7B on LightSquared, H Block, AWS-3 and 600 MHz spectrum over the next year.
[Fierce Wireless – 11/27/2013]

DigitalGlobe and AstriumGEO strategies look like classic Niche vs. Mass Market opposition.
[NSR – 11/27/2013]

Boeing targets manned and unmanned ISR platforms for Inmarsat’s GX government sales tactic.
[Via Satellite – 11/27/2013]

Comtech Systems receives $2.4 million contract for new Troposcatter communications system.
[Via Satellite – 11/27/2013]

SpaceX has to postpone launch of SES-8 after three stoppages in the countdown.
[Via Satellite – 11/26/2013]

Reportstack announces new market report on Global Satellite Communication Market in the Oil and Gas Industry which forecasts the market to grow at a CAGR of 5.74 percent over the period 2013-2018.
[PR Carbon – 11/26/2013]

Artist’s rendition of exactEarth satellite – SatNews

exactEarth launches advanced AIS satellite that will extend its exactAIS constellation and increase the capacity of its global vessel monitoring service.
[SatNews – 11/26/2013]

CEA-Leti’s next-generation magnetometer technology was launched into space on board the European Space Agency’s three Swarm satellites to collect unprecedented detail about the Earth’s magnetic field.
[SatNews – 11/26/2013]

NASA weather satellite with Ball Aerospace’s GMI instrument arrives in Japan where it will launch aboard NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission.
[Via Satellite – 11/26/2013]

Telespazio and Eutelsat sign multi-year agreement to market KA-SAT services in Italy.
[msn Money – 11/26/2013]

Orbcomm strengthens cellular footprint through agreement with Telefonica.
[Via Satellite – 11/26/2013]

Caribsat teams up with Newtec and Eutelsat for West Indies broadband play.
[Via Satellite – 11/26/2013]

SpaceQuest CEO looks to enter M2M market.
[Via Satellite – 11/26/2013]

Huawei helps APT construct cloud data centers, integrating cloud computing data services with satellite communications services.
[Yahoo Finance – 11/26/2013]

Army photo – www.army.mil

Team Tobyhanna uses pioneering approach to install the Army’s next generation SATCOM ground terminals using a plan that exceeds the depot’s annual Value Engineering Proposal cost avoidance goal by more than 276 percent.
[www.army.mil – 11/26/2013]

ASC Signal Corporation secures major contract with Sheri Tai International Company of China for HF antennas for coastal communications systems.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 11/26/2013]

Creonic of Germany announces two new IP cores for satellite communication – a DVB-S2 demodulator and a DVB-CID (Carrier ID) modulator.
[SatNews – 11/26/2013]

Rogers Communications and NHL announce 12-year national broadcast and multimedia agreement.
[Yahoo Finance. – 11/26/2013]

Inmarsat appoints ESL as global government distribution partner.
[The Wall Street Transcript]

Teal Group analysts identify 3,164 space payloads proposed for launch To 2032 with an estimated value of more than $235 billion.
[PR Newswire – 11/25/2013]

NSR’s latest market size estimate in the Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand 10th Edition study projects that global HTS demand will hit 451 Gbps in 2018 on a supply of 1.6 Tbps
[NSR – 11/25/2013]

Euroconsult expects 33 High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems to be launched between 2014 and 2016, as HTS expand into new markets.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 11/25/2013]

Boeing’s Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T) development program has completed the functional qualification testing phase for the protected wideband satellite communications system.
[Satellite Spotlight – 11/25/2013]

Eutelsat selects Newtec’s Sat3Play VSAT Broadband Platform to extend its IP Easy service offering over the French West Indies and French Guiana.
[Satellite Markets & Research – .11/25/2013]

Lockheed wins $105 million Air Force contract to help operate two satellite communications systems.
[Washington Business Journal – 11/25/2013]

Globalstar announces that the Spanish Ministry of Defence is now using SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™ and SPOT Connect™ devices for in-field communications for personnel who are operating in remote locations with no cellular coverage.
[SatNews – 11/25/2013]

Three O3b 7.3m antennas in Peru – Via Satellite

O3b Networks opens satellite ground station in Peru.
[Via Satellite – 11/25/2013]

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. receives $1.1 million in additional orders for satellite equipment spares from Brazilian military.
[The Wall Street Journal – 11/25/2013]

Sat Space Africa to expand African market reach through AfricaSat 1a.
[Via Satellite – 11/25/2013]

ViaSat and Harris Corp are boosted by key breakthrough in the European milsatcom market, as BAE Systems U.K. selects the KOR 24 Small Tactical Terminal co-developed by the companies for installation on the Falcon 20.
[Via Satellite – 11/25/2013]

FLYHT introduces the Dragon, a revolutionary, lightweight, portable satellite communications device that blends existing FLYHT technology with that of the iPad.
[Wall Street Journal – 11/25/2013]

Snowden leaks reveal that Singapore and South Korea are helping the U.S. and Australia tap undersea telecommunications links across Asia.
[The Sydney Morning Herald – 11/24/2013]

Cable mergers might rekindle the consideration of a merger between DirecTV and Dish Network.
[Yahoo Finance – 11/23/2013]

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