TV at 65 Miles Per Hour

The backseat of the Chevy is now more entertaining than ever.

Echostar Communications Corporation and the DISH Network last week announced the launch of their MobileDISH Programming Packages.


Dallas Daily Business News reports:

[T]he MobileDISH™ in-car satellite service [is] a programming package that combines cutting-edge antenna technology from RaySat™. The MobileDISH™ technology, which was showcased at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, allows DISH Network customers to watch live satellite television from their vehicles, even while in motion.

“We’re excited to partner with RaySat because we know people today are always on the move and have a need for TV even while on the road,” said Mark Jackson, President of EchoStar Technologies. “The MobileDISH technology is just another example of how we’re providing our extensive line of cutting-edge technology and exceptional programming packages to reach our more than 13 million subscribers everywhere.”

The mobile satellite antenna, designed by RaySat™, mounts to a vehicle’s roof rack and provides hundreds of channels of all-digital DISH Network satellite TV with programming for everyone in the family. The MobileDISH technology is perfect for occupying the kids, monitoring weather and road conditions, keeping up on breaking news and watching movies on long road trips.

We first wrote about the RaySat antenna system (pictured above) in September.

For sports fans, the MobileDISH service is particularly attractive: just yesterday, it was reported that DISH had added two new HD regional sports networks to its list of channels, and was looking at several more — which could bring a whole new level of connectivity to your local tailgate party.

But how much will it set you back?

New and existing DISH Network customers can choose from a variety of programming packages that start at $29.99/month for the MobileDISH 100 package, and $42.99/month for the MobileDISH 200 package. The Starz Movie Pak can be added to the MobileDISH packages for $12.99/month, and the Encore Movie Pak may also be added to a MobileDISH package for $4.99/month.

Not bad for those who’ve always wanted to watch the game while on the road or in the driveway.