DirecTV-10 Satellite Launch Postponed


According a local news agency, Kazakhstan Today, DirecTV’s new HD-dedicated satellite won’t be launched until next month:

Launch of space vehicle DirecTV-10 planned for June 20 has been postponed at the cosmodrome Baikonur. Federal space center Baikonur press service informed the agency.

According to the press service, the launch date of the American telecommunication satellite DirecTV-10 has been shifted for July. "The date transfer has been done due to the request of foreign manufacturers of the satellite and is connected with the terms of preparation of a space satellite and its delivery to the cosmodrome," the press service informed.

The exact date of the satellite launch by means of a carrier rocket Proton-M will be defined later after delivery of the satellite to the cosmodrome and will depend on the degree of readiness of foreign partners.

This was indeed confirmed by DirecTV’s press guy, via

here’s a statement i just received from bob mercer, directv’s director of public relations:

“The launch date of D10 has slipped to july 7. there were some late processing issues in the Boeing factory but they have been resolved and we are moving forward.”

he sent me a follow-up email from his blackberry to clarify the date:

“that’s actually july 6 in the US.”

Back in January, DirecTV promised up to 70 national HD channels via this and another new satellite in 2007. This is a key launch for them.