Showing Photographs of the Trees You Love

If the 12 drinking days of Christmas have you behind on your holiday shopping, consider purchasing a tree in the Amazon rainforest. A British company is promoting the conservation measure with a cool satellite twist:

This ‘go green for late Christmas presents’ idea is promoted by secure email provider, Link Information Systems, which is looking to save 1,000,000 trees before 31 December, 2005…

Amazon rainforest trees make a highly unusual but considerate gift. On the Greenmail website, the trees cost £1 each and as few as five can be bought at any time. In other words, the cost isn’t much more than a Christmas card, which actually uses up paper and therefore reduces trees. The recipient gets a certificate of ownership and can view their trees by satellite.

Viewing the tree by satellite– a vast improvement over the certificate of ownership I have for my property on the moon….