DIY Friday: Bike Trailer

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty lately about driving around to do errands. I mean, I have my canvas totes for schlepping home the goods, but somehow that doesn’t seem to make up for all the gas I’m guzzling getting to and from the store. (And, ok, I’m also a bit broke, so the high price tagat the pump is also a motivating factor.)

But what’s a guy to do when you don’t want to strap your groceries to your back like a sherpa? Answer: Buy a Bicycle Trailer.

This one’s a bit sporty, and could handle the great outdoors as well as your late night cereal run.

Want to burn a few calories before you party? Use this cart to bring home the beer.

But this is DIY-Friday, after all, so why not build one with this $79 DIY kit.

For DIY-purists, make one from scratch. WikiHow and Make both have instructions.

And of course, no errand run is complete without belting it out to your favorite tunes (or is that just me?). These new portable players from Sirius and XM are guaranteed to keep you entertained while you’re buying the beer.