DIY Friday: Drones/UAVs

Bear with me for a bit of childhood nostalgia: When I was little, I had this great toy plane. I used to go to the park with my dad on the weekends and fly it around. As I got a bit older and bolder, I’d try new maneuvers, often careening way too close to the trees. Well, inevitably I got a bit too careless and broke it. But this weekend, I’m bringing back the toy plane. And this time it’s gonna be bigger, badder, and well, just plain awesome.

First of all, the word “toy” doesn’t really apply to this week’s DIY project. It’s more like…special ops tool.

This site provides a wide range of options for your DIY drone, with prices to match your budget. Fellow DIY-ers post helpful tips and videos.

PBS’s “Wired Science” did a segment on the site last year:

If helicopters are more your style, check out the ARCHA project (automated remote control helicopter assistant).

Once your DIY drone is done, you can see how it compares to the versions the military really uses in the field. The AE Puma is the latest and greatest in military-grade technology.

The Puma is an upgrade from the RQ-11 Raven, which we posted about in August after it won the Commando Olympics in Afghanistan.