DIY Friday: Pumpkin-carving Robots


Every Halloween, I have grand plans for pumpkin carving. I make sketches. I pick out the perfect pumpkin with all the right proportions. And, inevitably, it ends up looking like a kindergartener’s craft project. Well, not this year! Why, you ask? One word: Robots.

For a more traditional pumpkin, you can take the lead of the robotics experts at the Detroit Science Center, who made the cut at thanks to their innovations in halloween hardware. (I have to note their tagline here: "Pumpkin carving has been reborn. This time it is a little bit deformed."…maybe this IS the perfect site to showcase my skills…)

If you’re going for something a bit more advanced – with a kind of headless horseman vibe – check out this guy’s robot, which he used to carve a rather disturbing likeness of himself.



Of course, if you’re looking for more of a chill-out-on-the-couch-while-eating-candy-and-pretend-not-to-hear-the-trick-or-treaters-at-the-door kind of Halloween, virtual pumpkin carving might be more your speed.

To illustrate the extent of my artistic skills, here’s my creation:

Picture 3

Happy Halloween!