DIY Friday: Solar Charger for iPhone


You’re out there having fun, in the warn California sun. Pfft! Your iPhone or iPod runs out of juice — and you’re not having fun any more.

What do you do? Enjoy the silence? You might, yes.  Pull out your solar-powered MintyBoost!

There are some really nice features about this charger:

  • It’s solar powered!
  • It’s small.
  • Large battery capacity- 3.7v @2000mAh
  • On board charger charges via solar, USB or wall wart. Accepts input power from 3.7v to 7v.
  • Remove the solar cell after charging and you have a nice compact USB power supply.
  • Unplug the solar cell and use the Velcro to secure the MightyMintyBoost inside a backpack or messenger bag- now plug in a larger solar cell attached to your bag for even faster charging. Using a slightly larger solar cell (6v/250mAh) you can generate enough power to fully charge an iPhone in about 5.5 hours and an iPod Touch in 4 hours.

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