WBMSAT News Bits for September 25, 2009


Delta II launch of two STSS-Demo satellites proceeds successfully at Cape Canaveral following several rain delays.

[SatNews – 09/25/2009]

Worldview-2 launch date affected by rain delays of launch of the STSS satellites; subject to day-to-day rescheduling.
[SatNews – 09/24/2009]

Next generation secret satellite built and launched by Lockheed Martin for the U.S. government is performing as required following its September 9th launch from Cape Canaveral aboard an Atlas 5 rocket.
[SatNews – 09/24/2009]

SpaceX schedules maiden launch of Falcon-9 rocket for November 29 from Cape Canaveral.
[Satellite Today – 09/24/2009]

The Thor 6 satellite, owned by Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, is ready to be shipped by sea to Kourou in French Guiana for launch scheduled on October 29.
[SatNews – 09/24/2009]

Ukraine plans to export launch vehicles to Latin America, with Cyclone-4 rocket scheduled to launch from Brazil’s Alcantara space center in 2010.
[Satellite Today – 09/24/2009]

Seascape wins U.S. FAA contract for two 3.7m geostationary TeraScan ground stations, for GOES-East and GOES-West, to be installed in Atlantic City.
[SatNews – 09/24/2009]

SkyTerra is to be acquired by Harbinger Capital Partners and taken private in a transaction worth around $280M.
[The Washington Post – 09/24/2009]

EchoStar partners with ViaSat and seeks $483M in federal stimulus money to build and launch a new satellite offering broadband with download speeds of up to 8 megabits per second in 20 states west of the Mississippi river.
[Denver Business Journal – 09/24/2009]

Clipper Tankers selects KVH TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband for its fleet.
[PR Newswire – 09/23/2009]

Digital Rapids’ MediaMesh content distribution system receives 2009 STAR (Superior Technology Award Recipient) award from TV Technology Europe magazine at 2009 IBC convention.
[SatNews – 09/23/2009]

Spacecom is reconfiguring Amos 6 communications satellite to handle broadband internet rather than wait for Amos 7 and Amos 8.
[SatNews – 09/23/2009]

India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission finds evidence of large quantities of water on surface of Moon.
[SatNews – 09/23/2009]

India, having lost contact with Chandrayaan-1 on August 29, makes up for it on September 23 with launch of seven satellites from a single rocket.
[SatNews – 09/23/2009]

NASA’s MESSENGER to make third and final flyby of Mercury at distance of 142 miles above the surface for final gravity assist to enter Mercury’s orbit in 2011.
[SatNews – 09/23/2009]

Gilat deploys broadband satellite internet service for passengers of Kazakhstans’ national railway.
[MarketWatch – 09/22/2009]

Hughes announces it has shipped more than 1000 HX terminals to provide satellite backhaul for major GSM cellular operator in Southeast Asia.
[PRNewswire – 09/22/2009]

SES World Skies announces multi-year agreement with Netcom Africa to expand delivery of telecom and broadcast television services throughout Nigeria and West Africa.
[SatNews – 09/22/2009]

Global Satellite USA launches world’s first IP54/IK03 certified satellite phone, the Thuraya XT, combining satellite phone functionality with Thuraya’s satellite network.
[SatNews – 09/22/2009]

Asiasat-5 begins commercial service on September 17 at orbital location of 100.5 degrees East with enhance power and coverage over the Asia Pacific region.
[SatNews – 09/22/2009]

Nimiq 5 performing post-launch maneuvers according to plan.
[SatNews – 09/21/2009]

Arianespace Soyuz launches Russian weather satellite from Baikonur Cosmodrome September 17.
[Satellite Today – 09/21/2009]

Japan’s HTV-1 transfer vehicle successfully attaches to International Space Station port for supply mission.
[SatNews – 09/21/2009]

Revenue growth is increasing on steady gains in transponder demand, new report from NSR shows.
[NSR report – September 2009]

The Earth Observation industry has taken rapid strides in the last decade and expanded its application base to new industries outside the military and weather.
[NSR Report – October 2009]

Security of Global Navigation Satellite Systems can be improved by using GPS hidden attributes to cross-check receivers and authenticate the signal.
[insidegnss – September/October 2009]

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