Ahoy, Satcom!


 Simply amazed at how quickly KVH has expanded coverage of their service across the globe.

Now, with ViaSat’s ArcLight platform, their broadband services is really something else, with a 100% increase in bandwidth efficiency in Europe. Tell em, Brent:

“The addition of a new satellite and the rollout of a powerful new high-density waveform, dramatically enhances the ability of our mini-VSAT Broadband network to support existing and future subscribers,” explained Brent C. Bruun, KVH’s vice president of satellite sales and business development. “Designed to offer service and performance superior to traditional maritime VSAT services, the network is built upon a robust, flexible architecture and ViaSat’s ArcLight® spread spectrum technology, permitting us to quickly and easily expand the service. Most importantly, commercial, leisure, and government mariners who rely on mini-VSAT Broadband for their Internet and voice connections will enjoy the benefit from these enhancements via their existing, compact TracPhone® V7 hardware.”

 Bubba, if I had a boat I’d get it.