How quickly analysts respond to big stories in industries they “follow” or otherwise expert in their inner workings. Many examples exist, but this one really got me…

David Berliner, an adviser at BDO Consulting, told Kary that the deal may be all about gaining customers for Dish Network’s satellite service. He cited a similar situation — the $95 million acquisition of electronics chain The Wiz by Cablevision in 1998. Cablevision “got access to Wiz customers to sell Cablevision services,” said Berliner.

Customers at Nobody Beats The Wiz? There’s no real loyalty in retail consumer electronics.

The issue in this acquisition comes down to streaming rights. Blockbuster had a chance to buy Netflix 10 years ago for $50 million. You’ll recall Sling Media is now part of the DISH Network family and this deal gives them streaming rights to video content practically overnight.

Comcast: prepare for battle. Your on-demand service is now getting hit from all sides. Fiber, satellite, Internet, P2P, etc.

Back to Blockbuster. Was it really Netflix that killed it? Yeah, I think so. Check out this infographic from last month in SocialTimes