Tripping at NAB

“By coupling our core Broadband Bonding technology with Network Calculus modeling we are able to effectively use statistics to smash the barrier of unpredictable behavior associated with cellular service to guarantee a certain level of quality necessary for transmitting HD video with extremely low latency,” said Mushroom Networks’ founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rene Cruz, in a statement.

Dude, I’ll have some of what he had.

That’s what B&C reported on Mushroom Networks and their Teleporter product, introduced at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas. Their other products, with name like PortaBella and Porcini, do have a unique branding scheme. Apparently, somebody in their creative department sold them on it and I find it refreshing. This is what you need to get noticed (Engadget liked it enough to write about it, so that’s a plus).

Figures: they’re based in Southern California.