WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/16/2011

Satellite operators SES SA and Telesat Holdings may need to stick to  partnerships to expand in fast-growing emerging markets as acquisitions are  often blocked by politics.
[Bloomberg – 09/16/2011]

Avanti Communications announces contract win for UK rural broadband supply.
[Proactive Investors – 09/16/2011]

Space Systems/Loral’s Viasat-1 Ka-band satellite arrives at Kazakhstan’s  Baikonur Space Center launch base.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/16/2011]

SES S.A. contracts with Osterreichischer Rundfunksender of Austria for a  fourth transponder at 19.2 degrees East to launch two new public broadcasting  channels in Austria.
[SatNews –  09/16/2011]

Space Weather research report states that solar superstorm could kill  majority of in-orbit weather, telecommunications, and military satellites in  less than a year.
[Satellite Today – 09/15/2011]

NASA selects designs of new heavy-lift rocket and crew capsule for ferrying  cargo, equipment, and science experiments to Earth’s orbit and beyond, as well  as serving as backup for transportation services to International Space Station.
[SatNews –  09/15/2011]

U.S. National Reconnaissance Office gets hit with budget cuts but preserves  science and technology funding used to develop unique capabilities including  advanced satellites, six of which have been launched in last seven months.
[Federal Times – 09/15/2011]

Weathernews Inc. of Tokyo, Japan sets date for launch of WNISAT-1 from the  Yasny Cosmodrome in Russia for next September – satellite will monitor ice  conditions in the Artic Sea.
[SatNews –  09/15/2011]

House Armed Services Committee hearing delves into LightSquared LTE plans and  potential interference with military GPS systems – FCC Chairman chooses not to  appear.
[Washington Post – 09/15/2011]

Eutelsat extends agreement with Russian Satellite Communications Company for  satellite control from Dubna.
[Market Watch – 09/15/2011]

European Space Agency and Arianespace sign contract for launch of BepiColombo  spacecraft, designed to explore planet Mercury.
[SatNews –  09/15/2011]

New Iridium personal services package includes capability to use Iridium  satellite communications device together with your smart phone in areas where  there is no wi-fi or cellular phone service.
[digital energy – 09/15/2011]

Globecomm Systems gets contract to host the enhanced and extended GSM  wireless network of Chariton Valley Wireless Services of Northeast Missouri.
[SatNews –  09/15/2011]

TCS does it again- $9.3M order from U.S. Army for SNAP deployable satellite  systems upgrades and spares equipment following earlier $20.7M in funding for  equipment and field services support of SNAP systems. .
[Market Watch – 09/15/2011] [Market Watch – 09/14/2011]

ViaSat receives delivery order valued at approximately $27.6M for  Multifunctional Information Distribution System – Low Volume Terminals from the  Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.
[SatNews –  09/15/2011]

Gilat U.S. subsidiary Spacenet Integrated Government Solutions wins third  U.S. government contract to provide satellite communications services.
[Globes – 09/15/2011]

Northrop Grumman signs three-year agreement to become leased services  provider and network services distribution partner of Inmarsat’s satellite  services around the world.
[Emoney Daily – 09/15/2011]

Euroconsult 8th annual awards go to:  Global Satellite Operator of the  Year – Inmarsat; Strategic Transaction of the Year – EchoStar Corporation;  Regional Satellite Operator of the Year – AsiaSat; Broadband Satellite Operator  of the Year – Hughes Communications.
[SatNews –  09/14/2011]

European Space Agency shut down the second European Remote Sensing satellite  ERS-2 after 16 years of providing data for thousands of scientists and projects.
[SatNews –  09/14/2011]

FCC wants further tests of LightSquared’s proposed mobile broadband network  as concern mounts over possible interference with GPS.
[Mobiledia – 09/14/2011]

Sirius XM CEO expects significant revenue growth in 2012 after company raised  subscription fees for first time in about a decade.
[LA Times – 09/14/2011]

KVH to unveil new 1-meter TracVision(R) HD11 marine satellite TV system for  global HD with digitally programmable multi-beam Universal World LNB.
[Market Watch – 09/14/2011]

U.S. Navy announces plans to launch September 27 the Tactical Microsatellite  (TacSat)-4, funded by Office of Naval Research and developed by Naval Research  Laboratory to allow service members around the world to use handheld radio for  mobile communications in the field without having to set up a satellite antenna.
[Stars & Stripes – 09/13/2011]

Worries about Russian rocket reliability delay launches of U.S. and French  satellites and crew rotation for International Space Station.
[The Hindu –  09/13/2011]

Graduate students at Purdue designing and building rocket engine that could  land a vehicle on the moon.
[R&D Magazine – 09/13/2011]

Farstaed Shipping signs 5-year satellite communications contract with Harris  CapRock Communications for 53 offshore supply vessels.
[Market Watch – 09/13/2011]

Comtech receives $12.1M in orders for broadband high-power amplifiers to  un-named U.S. contractor.
[Bloomberg  Business Week – 09/13/2011]

Eutelsat aims to improve quality assurance standards for satellite TV ahead  of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
[Cable – 09/12/2011]

Hughes is awarded extension contract for U.S. Air Force study of commercial  communications satellite systems capabilities.
[Market Watch – 09/12/2011]

LightSquared forges ahead with another wholesale agreement, with VoX  Communications.
[Market Watch – 09/12/2011]

Arabsat announces that all necessary technical and logistics requirements for  global distribution of Saudi League matches in Europe and the U.S. have been  finalized.
[SatNews –  09/11/2011]

Thuraya IP, world’s smallest satellite high throughput solution, attracts  praised from British and French Ministries of Defence, will be showcased at  upcoming DSEi exhibition in London.
[Teletechwire – 09/11/2011]

LightSquared says it can avert interference problems with GPS systems by  limiting power levels and adjusting height and tilt of antennae.
[Kansas City Star – 09/10/2011]

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