WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 12/09/2011

Intelsat moves closer to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), asking U.S.  regulators to allow the company to transfer control of all its satellite  assets to new owners following the IPO.
[Space News – 12/09/2011]

Telecom’s final frontier – is the consumer changing the satellite industry or  is it changing us?
[The Deal Magazine – 12/09/2011]

Spacecom AMOS-5 satellite scheduled for launch Sunday, December 11.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

NewSat Limited signs with Arianespace for launch of Jabiru-1 in second half  of 2014.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

ITU and Government of Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg agree to cooperate on  strengthening emergency telecommunications and rapid response in event of  natural disasters.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

GlobeCast expands satellite capaciy over Russia and Commonwealth of  Independent States with new Ku-band platform on Yamal-201 satellite.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

Nokia Siemens Networks’ I-HSPA combined with Evolution satellite routers from  VT iDirect can deliver downlinks speeds of 10 Mbps per user from remote base  stations linked to core network by  satellite.
[SatNews – 12/09/2011]

Astrium is selected by European Space Agency as prime contractor for  Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite, a low-cost mission to monitor atmospheric  chemistry.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

Russian space agency Roscosmos expects to put two more of the 24 Glonass  navigation satellites already in orbit into operation by end of year.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

RapidEye signs contract with China’s Ministry of Land and Resources to cover  almost five million square kilometers of China over the next few months.
[SatNews –  12/09/2011]

United Launch Alliance, formed just five years ago with Atlas and Delta  launch teams, has built an impressive record with 56 successful launches.
[SatNews –  12/08/2011]

LightSquared says new test prove it has fixed the GPS interference problem  that has held up the deployment of its hybrid satellite-terrestrial LTE network.
[Wireless Week – 12/08/2011]

Verizon ends its wireless LTE partnership with DirecTV and will stop buildout  of FiOS television and Internet services, as it forges a cross-marketing  partnership with cable.
[Washington Post – 12/08/2011]

Thrane & Thrane is awarded contract by government organization China  Transport Telecommunications & Information Center to supply, install and test a  Radio Access Network system for BGAN Satellite Access Station outside Beijing.
[SatNews –  12/08/2011]

Thales signs agreement to acquire Tampa Microwave of Tampa, Florida.
[Washington Technology – 12/08/2011]

Track24 wins contract to supply Canadian government with short burst data  (SBD) services from Iridium Communications Inc.
[SatNews –  12/08/2011]

Ghana a leader in satellite communications in Western Africa, with STL  satellite hub supporting over 2000 VSAT sites nationwide employing Gilat’s  SkyEdge II system.
[Ghanian Chronicle 12/08/2011]

SatNews information for readers interested in the myriad environments of the  various and ever-expanding satellite broadcasting market segments.
[SatNews –  12/08/2011]

ViaSat’s high-capacity broadband Ka-band satellite expected to begins  commercial service before end of December.
[xconomy – 12/07/2011]

Eutelsat successfully refinances debt with C800 million Eurobond issue.
[Sacramento Bee – 12/07/2011]

China to help Turkmenistan launch first communications satellite.
[Bernama –  12/07/2011]

New “Proceedings of the IEEE” presents comprehensive 21st century review of  Aerospace Communications.
[Sacramento Bee – 12/07/2011]

Thales radio receives U.S. military certification for Ultra High Frequency  satellite communications Integrated Waveform.
[UPI – 12/07/2011]

Newtec gets extremely positive customer feedback from customer survey  indicating a continued positive evolution from “satisfied” to “extremely  satisfied”.
[Screen Africa – 12/07/2011]

Eutelsat includes VISLINK’s ADVENT Flydrive 120 antenna in its guide to  selection of most appropriate Eath station equipment to access Eutelsat  capacity.
[SatNews – 12/07/2011]

Thuraya IP now allows user to run a range of applications requiring a public  IP address on the terminal equipment attached to the IP device.
[SatNews –  12/07/2011]

Iridium GEOS emergency response service now available to Iridium Extreme  satellite phone customers.
[SatNews –  12/07/2011]

NSR research on Earth Observation maket confirms importance of government  funding for both the supply and the demand side of the business.
[SatNews  – 12/07/2011]

Hughes Network Systems gets task order from U.S. Department of Agriculture’s  Food Safety and Inspection Service to deliver managed broadband services to 300  office and inspection sites.
[SatNews –  12/07/2011]

Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite proves its efficiency for fast video file  delivery.
[Sacramento Bee – 12/06/2011]

Arianespace launch preparations underway for December 16th liftoff of  Pleiades 1 Earth observation satellite, Chile’s SSOT optical satellite for  civilian and defense Earth observation, and four French Elisa micro-satellite  demonstrators.
[SatNews –  12/06/2011]

MTN to provide Costa Cruises’ new flagship, Costa Fascinosa, with VSAT  services.
[Satellite Today – 12/06/2011]

Test results prompt new round in GPS, LightSquared fight.
[Nextgov – 12/06/2011]

Former Satellite Earth Station at Goonhilly, Cornwall gets UK government  funding for a “space science park,” while another company at Goonhilly, Avanti  Communications Group, gets funding to create “broadband satellite teleport.”
[UKPA – 12/06/2011]

Reorganized Satmex to launch new, fully funded Satmex 8 satellite service  operations beginning in third quarter 2012.
[Market Watch – 12/06/2011]

Thuraya enjoys main exhibitor status at Malaysian Defense show.
[SatNews –  12/06/2011]

DISA puts finishing touches on GSM, FCSA contracts to be awarded in first  quarter 2012.
[Defense Systems – 12/06/2011]

iGT, DISA, and U.S. Air Force demonstrate next-generation airborne  capabilities employing Ka-Band Advanced Multiband Communications Antenna System  for COTM users.
[Defence Professionals – 12/06/2011]

Inmarsat’s CTO to participate as panel speaker at Satellite Industry  Association sponsored DoD Commercial SATCOM User’s Workshop in Arlington, VA.
[Sacramento Bee – 12/06/2011]

Officials say troop drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan is unlikely to put any  lasting downward pressure on demand for satellite bandwidth.
[Space News – 12/02/2011]

New satellite terminal training, fielding facility for U.S. Army to  consolidate production, training, and fielding of the advanced version of its  protected satellite terminal.
[Fort Gordon Signal – 12/02/2011]

NSR report assesses future global demand and supply for both commercial and  military satellites, fixed and mobile solutions, and narrowband to broadband  requirements for the period 2010-2020.
[NSR – December 2011]

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