WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 12/30/2011

Chinese government reveals five year space plan, including more space laboratories and human space flight.
[Forbes – 12/30/2011]

ORBCOMM to acquire PAR hospitality technology and services company, increasing its customer base in its asset and cargo monitoring business.
[NASDAQ – 12/30/2011]

Skycasters is awarded General Services Administration contract to provide Internet services to GSA government agencies.
[Satellite Today – 12/30/2011]

Hughes seeks access to United States market from its Jupiter Ka-band satellite licensed in the U.K and located at the 97.1 degrees west orbital slot.
[Satellite Today – 12/29/2011]

Russian Soyuz rocket successfully launches six Globalstar mobile-communications satellites.
Space News – 12/29/2011]

Russia’s most recent Soyuz launch failure, sending what should have been the fifth Meridian satellite placed in orbit instead crashing back to Earth, may have serious impact on Russian military communications.
[Strategy Page – 12/29/2011]

Global Marine Networks announces distribution agreement with Vobal Technologies, making VoIP services available to its maritime customers.
[PR Web – 12/29/2011]

Starmax HD shuts down service via Hispasat, saying the shutdown will be temporary and it will return soon.
[Satellite Today – 12/29/2011]

Sudan and Ukraine to cooperate in the launch of a Sudanese satellite.
[Sudan Vision – 12/29/2011]

ORBCOMM and SpaceX improve launch plans for OG2 satellites, planning launch of first prototype on the first Cargo Re-supply Services mission in mid 2012.
[MarketWatch – 12/28/2011]

Japanese satellite launch business faces cloudy future, with tough competition from Russia’s Proton and Europe’s Ariane.
[Japan Times – 12/28/2011]

ATCi and ACORDE selected by U.S. Defense Department to supply Ka-band networks designed for high-throughput Ka-band satellite communication systems worldwide.
[Market Watch – 12/28/2011]

Arabsat transfers Arabsat-2B telecom network to new Arabsat-5C satellite.
[Satellite Today – 12/28/2011]

ORBCOMM prepares for launch of second AIS satellite, VesselSat2, with target date of January 10, 2012.
[Market Watch – 12/27/2011]

Iran steps up its jamming of Western Persian-language television broadcasts, even as it has satellite access to dozens of countries for its state-run TV channels.
[Newser – 12/27/2011]

SES-4 launch delayed 25 days due to Proton upper state technical issues, following loss of Russian Meridian military satellite.
[Satellite Today – 12/27/2011]

Russian and wife narrowly escape being crushed by fragment of Russian Meridian satellite following launch failure.
[Daily Mail – 12/26/2011]

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