WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/06/2012

Satellite TV Providers industry is in the midst of a revolution as HD TV vastly improved quality of shows and attracted subscribers, with annualized revenue growth in 5 years through 2012 expected to be 5.6%, to $41.4 billion.
[Times Union – 04/06/2012]

Ukrainian Zenit rocket for Sea Launch’s next commercial launch arrives at its California base for final assembly.
[Spaceflight Now – 04/06/2012]

John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp. seeks control of Sirius XM Radio Inc.’s satellite radio assets.
[Denver Business Journal – 04/06/2012]

Nigeria to launch pico satellite for scientific research.
[All Africa – 04/06/2012]

Group of many of world’s largest commercial satellite fleet operators writes Indian government protesting new tax that would slap 10% royalty fee on foreign satellite communications services and make the fee retroactive to cover the past 36 years.
[Space News – 04/05/2012]

NASA selects United Launch Services to launch the GOES-R and GOES-S spacecraft in October 2015 and February 2017.
[SatNews – 04/05/2012]

Falcone says bankruptcy is an option for LightSquared.
[Bloomberg – 04/05/2012]

Officials from Air Force, SES, Orbital Sciences, and SAIC to participate April 11 in moderated webcast panel discussion of the CHIRP hosted payload on the SES-2 satellite, and its challenges, lessons, and lingering questions.,
[SatNews – 04/05/2012]  [Webcast registration link]

Mexico’s largest commercial television broadcaster Grupo Televisa selects Gilat Satellite Networks’ Sky Edge II VSAT network for its private communication network across Mexico.
[SatNews – 04/05/2012]

Unnamed client servicing the African region on Spacecom’s Amos-5 signs multi-year extension after only two months of service.
[Satellite Today – 04/05/2012]

Harris receives $12.4 million in orders from a Latin American nation for integrated wireless digital voice and data network supporting critical communication coordination between federal officials and armed forces.
[SatNews – 04/05/2012]

Thales completes Tampa Microwave acquisition.
[Satellite Today – 04/05/2012]

Xplornet agrees with Shaw Communications to bundle WiMAX with Shaw’s pay-TV, and acquires YourLink spectrum.
[TeleGeography – 04/05/2012]

Statistics show that near-misses between International Space Station and space debris are on the rise.
[Spaceflight Now – 04/05/2012]

Recent string of deals in Asia underscores trend of “coopertition” in the satellite industry predicted by NSR.
{SatNews – 04/05/2012]

Recent survey by Utilities Telecom Council and iDirect show that satellite communications offer utilities a variety of options for managing their service area securely, cost-effectively, and reliably.
[Fierce Smart Grid – 04/05/2012]

Astrium contracts Indian Space Research Organization to launch Spot 6 satellite.
[Satellite Today – 04/04/2012]

KVH opens new facility next to its Middletown, R.I. headquarters with custom-made motion simulator and a clear view of critical satellites, to test its maritime satellite products.
[Mass High Tech – 04/04/2012]

Middle Eastern Internet service provider SkyGate signs 5-year deal with SES to distribute SES Broadband satellite service in the Middle East. [SatNews – 04/04/2012]

Aterne and STI Telecom successfully deliver and install HD-SAT turnkey satellite distribution platform for Brazilian broadcaster TV Record in Sao Paulo.
[Satellite Today – 04/04/2012]

Brazil will launch a satellite for military purposes.
[Two Circles – 04/04/2012]

BSkyB will launch 48 new channels for the London Olympics, 40 of them on SES’ ASTRA satellite network.
[SatNews – 04/04/2012]

LightSquared “renegotiating” contract for use of Inmarsat’s L-band spectrum as it works to cut costs in face of government opposition to its LTE network.
[Wireless Week – 04/04/2012]

“Space garbage hitting and disabling a military satellite may be seen as an attack, which could provoke retaliation with all of the ensuing consequences.”
{SatNews – 04/04/2012]

MicroThrust ionic motor to be employed on CleanSpace One, a satellite designed to clean up space debris, and OLFAR, a swarm of Dutch nanosatellites that will record weak RF signals on far side of Moon, a destination that will be reached with just drops of fuel.
[R&D Magazine – 04/03/2012]

Despite increasing requirements, Oil & Gas SATCOM market continues to be lucrative according to new NSR report.
[SatNews – 04/03/2012]

Spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office is launched on ULA Delta IV rocket from Vandenberg AFB.
[SatNews – 04/03/2012]

New “Maritime Telecom Solutions by Satellite” report from Euroconsult concludes that KVH is now the maritime VSAT market share leader with its mini-VSAT product.
[Market Watch – 04/03/2012]

Temasys Vidyo Cloud and Emerging Markets Communications HD Connect combine to offer low cost “pay as you go” enterprise satellite HD video service anywhere, anytime.
[chron – 04/03/2012]

Alaska Airlines will test satellite system in Seattle in June that could end circling above the airport, allowing planes to make direct gently sloping landing approaches and take off and land closer together.
[NY Times – 04/03/2012]

Global Telesat experiences significant increase in sales of mobile satellite solutions since launch of its e-commerce MSS website, www.gtc-usa.com.
[Market Watch – 04/03/2012]

DirecTV files FCC complaint against Tribune, accusing it of reneging on deal to keep its television stations on the satellite service.
[Kansas City Star – 04/03/2012]

Eutelsat demonstrates its Ka-band satellite broadband solutions in the Macedonian city of Ohrid to regional meeting of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development.
[Biz Journals – 04/02/2012]

Astrium completes in-orbit delivery of SSOT satellite system to the Chilean Air Force.
[Satellite Today – 04/02/2012]

Comtech is awarded undefinitized $80.7 million contract to support Blue Force Tracking Program.
[Market Watch – 04/02/2012]

Orbital Sciences celebrates 30th anniversary and 1,007 rockets and space systems, including 810 launch vehicles, target and sounding rockets, satellites, and other space systems.
[Reuters – 04/02/2012]

Astrium is awarded two contracts from the Russian Satellite Communications Company for the delivery of two telecommunication satellites, Express AM4R and Express AM7.
[SatNews – 04/02/2012]

Bangladesh to launch first satellite by 2015.
[Rapid TV News – 04/01/2012]

Chinese Long March 3B rockets lifts French-built communications payload into orbit for broadcast of television signals, Internet access, and network data solutions across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East for Hong Kong-based satellite operator. [Spaceflight Now – 03/31/2012]

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