WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/08/2013

Satellite Interference Reduction Group announces approval of the DVB Carrier ID specification which will now be submitted to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute for formal standardization. [SatNews – 03/08/2013]

SES signs contract with BT to provide satellite communications services for the Galileo Data Dissemination Network (GDDN) to support the Galileo Operator Spaceopal. [equities.com – 03/08/2013]

TCS gets $16 million in incremental funding to provide Deployed Engineering Services to the U.S. Marine Corp for its Wireless Point to Point Link systems. [msn MONEY – 03/08/2013]

Glowlink to unveil a technology that can remove interferences from broadband communications signals, including those occurring in satellite communications, at Satellite 2013. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

China’s fourth launch center, located on tropical island of Hainan, to be ready for space launches in two years. [Space Daily – 03/07/2013]

Harris is awarded contract to study and make recommendations to help modernize the U.S. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

U.S. Air Force unit’s mission is to defend and protect operability of the Air Force’s communications satellites, combating intentional and accidently jamming. [U.S.A.F. – 03/07/2013]

New NSR report examines the launch services industry in midst of environment that has raised questions about launch services reliability. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

Russian GLONASS orbital navigation group is again at full strength. [GPS Daily – 03/07/2013]

China targeting global coverage for its BeiDou navigation system by 2020. [GPS Daily – 03/07/2013]

ViaSat HTS ViaSat-1, the Ka-band satellite used for Exede Internet, earns Guinness World Records title as highest-capacity satellite in the world – 100 times typical Ku-band satellite and 10 times any Ka-band satellite. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

U.S. House of Representatives approves legislation funding next generation of NOAA weather satellites. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

MacDonald Dettwiler stock has room to rise as it taps U.S. government satellite market through its Space Systems/Loral acquisition. [Bloomberg Businessweek – 03/07/2013]

Spacenet’s new ECSConnectTM solution offers affordable emergency broadband communications and eliminates upfront capital expenditure. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/07/2013]

Inmarsat and Kymeta sign agreement to develop revolutionary satellite antenna to enable business jets of any size to access high-speed broadband connectivity globally. {Satellite Evolution Group – 03/07/2013]

Indian Space Research Organisation plans construction of high-resolution remote sensing Earth satellite, Cartosat-3, capable of 0.25 metre resolution. [Space News – 03/06/22013}

Inmarsat certifies Boeing to provide 3G, Voice over IP, streaming video, direct dialing, secure communications, and other capabilities through Inmarsat-4 L-band service. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/07/2013]

Thuraya signs Service Partner agreement with Pivotel Group Pty Limited of Australia, enabling licensed mobile carrier Pivotel to provide Thuraya’s products and services across Australia and Southern Asia. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/07/2013]

News Corporation announces that its News Limited subsidiary will divest its 44% stake in SKY Network Television Limited of New Zealand. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

EM Solutions delivers two Australian-made Ka-Band ‘Satellite on the Move’ systems to partner Jepico Corporation in Japan. [WBMSAT Press Releases – 03/06/2013]

ITC Global signs a long term agreement to provide Kinross Gold Corporation with a comprehensive satellite communications network and bandwidth service for its mining sites in Russia. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/06/2013]

ViaSat demonstrates high-performance Ka-band satellite communication system providing sustained data rates of 4Mbps from helicopter to ground station and 8 Mbps from ground station to helicopter. [SatNews – 03/06/2013]

Eutelsat and Alterie Telecom complete renewal of three long-term satellite capacity contracts on EUTELSAT 5. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/06/2013]

Romantis releases new software for UHP VSAT platform. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/06/2013]

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited signs agreement with Glavkosmos/NPO Lavotchkin for the launch of the UK technology demonstration mission TechDemoSat-1 in Q3 of 2013. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/05/2013]

SpaceX flight controllers succeed in recovery of Dragon, getting it to the International Space Station a day late. [R&D Magazine – 03/04/2013]

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