WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/22/2013

Financing no longer expected to be an issue for U.S. satellite exporters as Export-Import Bank plans to maintain aggressive satellite financing position. [Space News – 03/22/2013]

Arianespace announces contract to launch three satellites for Intelsat S.A. [Space Daily – 03/22/2013]

Orbit Communications systems launches new VSAT product line for the maritime market called OceanTRx. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/22/2013]

Intelsat S.A. gets multi-year extension agreement with ART/International Network Distribution of Lebanon for capacity on Intelsat 21 and Intelsat 805, [SatNews – 03/22/2013]

Estonia’s student cubesat satellite is ready for the next Vega launch. [Space Travel – 03/22/2013]

PolarSat receives order for VSATPlus3 from Guangdong Dapeng LNG Company of China to be used for real time SCADA, voice, and corporate services. [SatNews – 03/22/20103]

U.S. Air Force launches second satellite for SBIRS, GEO-2, from Vandenberg AFB. [Satellite Today – 03/21/2013]

High-Throughput dominates Satellite 2013 discussion as NovelSat CEO predicts demand for international satellite bandwidth services will have increased 2,000% in a 10-year timespan between 2002 and 2020. [Satellite Today – 03/21/2013]

Yahsat system is certified for use with the U.S. Air Force’s Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) – WGS terminals will be interoperable with Yahsat’s Ka-band military satellite frequencies. [Space News – 03/21/2013]

Echostar subsidiary Hughes Network Systems announces that it has selected Space Systems/Loral to build the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite, JUPITER2/EchoStar XIX, with over 150 Gbps throughput. [SatNews – 03/21/2013]

ViaSat executive says the company’s refusal to decide on a builder for its ViaSat-2 Ka-band satellite has nothing to do with its lawsuit against Space Systems Loral. [Space News – 03/21/2013]

Sea Launch and EchoStar reach preliminary agreement for launch services in 2015. [Space Travel – 03/21/2013]

Astrium Services expects to partner with MDA on Earth Observation satellite network. [Space News – 03/21/2013]

Apollo-era rocket engine parts are recovered from beyond 3 miles deep in the Atlantic by an expedition funded by Rick Bezos of Amazon. [R&D Magazine – 03/21/2013]

SES reach in 2012, driven by strong gains in India and Germany, extends to 276 million TV homes worldwide. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

ESA’s Planck satellite telescope data used to map the Universe’s most ancient light. [BBC – 03/21/2013]

Space Exploration Technologies’ Merlin 1D engine achieves flight qualification and is now fully qualified to fly on the Falcon 9 rocket. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/20103]

Mitsubishi Electric completes expansion of satellite production facility at its Kamakura Works in Kamakura, Japan. [Daily Herald – 03/21/2013]

Armarda Group subsidiary China Mobile Satellite Communications Group (CMSCG) and Thuraya Telecommunications announce distributorship arrangement with China Telecom Satellite (CTS) for the Thuraya SatSleeve, a module that transforms an iPhone into a dual mode satellite phone. [The Business Times – 03/21/2013]

C-COM Satellite Systems introduces new generation of Ka-band flyaway antennas at Satellite 2013. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

SingTel’s ConnectPortal allows shore side professionals to have total control over their shipboard crews’ internet usage by implementing a flexi-time allowance. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

Spacecom adds eighth DTH platform on AMOS-5 over Nigeria. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

Signalhorn has completed the rollout of over 400 point of sale (PoS) sites which service a global fuel retailer’s South African network. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

Free ESA iPhone app allows quadcopter owners to attempt simulated dockings with International Space Station while flying their drones for real. [Space Daily – 03/21/2013]

Voyager 1 leaves our solar systems after traveling 11 billion miles. [R&D Magazine – 03/20/2013]

Radio Frequency Interference-End Users Initiative and Global VSAT Forum collaborate, with support and commitment from World Broadcasting Unions – International Satellite Operations Group, to launch training of satellite newsgathering operators to reduce interference. [SatNews – 03/20/2013]

NSR report grades the financial performance of the big four satellite operators. [SatNews – 03/20/20013]

Newtec wins WTA Teleport Technology of the Year award, presented at WTA luncheon at Satellite 2013. [Newtec Press Release – 03/19/2013]

Launch Services Panel at Satellite 2013 recognizes common challenges while examining cooperative approch to increase business and profitability for the sector. [Satellite Today – 03/20/2013]

Kratos introduces new SATCOM Cybersecurity Assessment service addressing increasing threats and unique requirements of the satellite industry. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/19/2013]

Chinese collaboration with neighbouring countries’ space-related programmes sparks off a fresh scare in India’s national security establishment. [The Economic Times – 03/19/2013]

Nupoint Systems selects Globalstar Data Services for M2M satellite connectivity. [Daily Herald – 03/18/2013]

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