WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 05/20/2013

NASA-built nanosatellite launch adapter is ready for flight.
[Space Daily – 05/20/2013]

United Launch Alliance launch of Delta IV carrying the fifth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS-5) satellite is rescheduled for Thursday, May 23.
[SatNews – 05/20/2013]

European Space Agency’s Proba-V earth observation satellite is in good health following last week’s launch.
[SatNews – 05/20/2013]

Indian Space Research Organization ready to launch the Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System on June 12th.
[SatNews – 05/20/2013]

Pakistan is set to become the fifth Asian country to use China’s domestic satellite navigation system.
[GPS Daily – 05/18/2013]

ViaSat-2, to be built by Boeing, will employ a design that has never been seen before to enable broad geographic reach and 2.5 times the capacity of ViaSat-1.
[Space News – 05/17/2013]

Europe’s billion-dollar Alphasat I-XL satellite, with 400 spot beams, is being readied for a launch that may be the program’s last.
[Space News – 05/17/2013]

United Launch Alliance launches fourth Global Positioning System satellite for U.S. Air Force.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 05/16/2013]

U.S. believes Chinese missile launch was first test of new interceptor that could be used to destroy a satellite in orbit.
[Yahoo News – 05/16/2013]

High speed satellite communications help facilitate disaster relief in tornado-struck Texas town.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 05/16/2013]

ViaSat announces landmark deal for Boeing to build ViaSat-2, an eagerly anticipated move following years of delay.
[Satellite Today – 05/16/2013]

Thuraya to provide a maritime broadband product by early 2014, to compete directly with Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband.
[Space News – 05/16/2013]

High speed satellite communications help facilitate disaster relief in tornado-struck Texas town.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 05/16/2013]

PhotoSat completes satellite topography mapping of WesternZagro’s Garmian Block in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 05/16/2013]

International SunSat design competition launched to design next-generation of Solar Power Satellites with supportive infrastructure.
[indiegogo – May 2013]

Gogo gets FCC blanket license to operate up to 1,000 Ku-band satellite aircraft for international and domestic service.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 05/16/2013]

Dish asks FCC to suspend review of SoftBank’s bid for Sprint.
[Reuters – 05/16/2013]

Skybox announces strategic partnership with Japan Space Imaging to prov ide high-resolution imagery and full motion commercial video to the Japanese market.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 05/16/2013]

Eutelsat 3D is successfully launched by Proton M from Baikonur.
[NASA Spaceflight – 05/15/2013]

Pentagon renews lease of Chinese satellite for another year, stating that Apstar-7 remained to only satellite solution available that meets AFRICOM’s satellite communications requirements.
[Bloomberg Businessweek – 05/15/2013]

Senator McCain’s Televisions Consumer Freedom Act woul eliminate regulatory barriers ranging from blacking out sports games to how cable plans are priced, and would allow satellite providers to provide “a la carte” programming.
[Satellite Today – 05/15/2013]

Planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft loses second momentum wheel, of four, and it’s planet-hunting days may be over.
[Space News – 05/15/2013]

Astrium is selected to build Express-AMU1/EUTELSAT 36C satellite to be launched in 2015 to provide broadcast services in European part of Russian Federation in Ku and Ka bands.
[Yahoo Finance – 05/15/2013]

Dish gets four banks to finance $9 billion of its $25.5 billion bid for Sprint
[Reuters – 05/15/2013]

Russia’s Proton rocket to launch 7 ton Echostar satellite in 2015-2016.
[Russia & India REPORT – 05/15/2013]

Viasat and the L-3 Platform Integration Division sign memorandum of agreement to collaborate on complete broadband satellite communication system for airline-sized planes.
[financial news – 05/15/2013]

CASBAA’s annual Satellite Industry Forum to take place June 17 at Shangri-La, Singapore.
[Media Mughals – 05/14/2013]

By Light gets task order to provide satellite bandwidth and terrestrial services to the Missile Defense Agency.
[Satellite Spotlight – 05/14/2013]

The U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin deliver the second Mobile User Objective System satellite to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a launch scheduled in July.
[4-traders – 05/13/2013]

Cobham purchases Axell Wireless Ltd., a privately-owned supplier of wireless communications for commercial and public safety markets.
[Microwave Journal – 05/13/2013]

Hughes signs Morsviazsputnik in Russia, the licensed operator of Inmarsat’s mobile satellite services sector in Russia, as a distribution partner for Hughes BGAN mobile satellite products.
[Yahoo Finance – 05/13/2013]

Global satellite and terrestrial connectivity provider Emerging Markets Communications commits to join the Global VSAT Form’s Satellite Spectrum Initiative Campaign, combating satellite interference.
[Satellite Spotlight – 05/13/2013]

KVH acquires media and entertainment services company Headland Media Limited.
[Satellite Today – 05/13/2013]

NSR publishes 3rd edition of its Satellite Manufacturing & Launch Services report as a guide for opportunities within the sector over the next 10 – 15 years.
[NSR – May 2013]

NSR publishes Aeronautical Satcom Markets report to answer critical questions affecting the in-flight connectivity business.
[NSR – May 2013]

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