WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 05/31/2013

SpaceX Chairman optimistic that partially reusable rocket will accelerate reduction in launch costs that have already followed the Falcon 9 entrance into the market.
[Space News – 05/31/2013]

SES subsidiary SES Techcom supports satellite communication links with a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System using SES Ku-band capacity.
[Sat PR – 05/31/2013]

Cartrack uses ORBCOMM to provide satellite data communication services to extend its range of GSM logistics and telematics solution in Africa.
[financial news – 05/31/2013]

Today’s attempts at multi-nation initiative for human exploration beyond low earth orbit face same barriers that doomed the Euro-Russian collaboration on manned space vehicles.
[Space News – 05/31/2013]

Eutelsat launches contract free satellite TV service Freesat in Romania.
[Romania Insider – 05/31/2013]

SES 6 to be launched June 3, 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan by International Launch Services (ILS).
[Satellite Today – 05/30/2013]

Sri Lanka paying China Great Wall $215 million to build and launch SupremeSAT-2.
[Space News – 05/30/2013]

NASA hands over operational control of the Landsat 8 to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Resources Observation and Science Center.
[SatNews – 05/30/2013]

Norwegian Space Centre and SINTEF company MARINTEK look at how to get broadband services into the Artic regions.
[Phys Org – 05/30/2013]

North America expected to lose its status as top region for in-flight entertainment to the Asia-Pacific region within 5 years.
[Satellite Today – 05/30/2013]

Gilat to present free Webinar June 1th entitled ‘News and Entertainment Anywhere with Satellite Communications on the Move.’
[SatNews – 05/30/2013]

Galaxy Broadband Communications of Canada selects Hughes HX gateway and HX90 and HX200 satellite terminals to provide IP networks for Resource, Government, and Enterprise markets in North America.
[SatNews – 05/30/2013]

Spidersat wins contract to provide VSAT network design and provisioning to ArcelorMittal in Liberia.
[Sat PR – 05/30/2013]

NASA reactivates GOES-13 in effort to pinpoint malfunction.
[Space News – 05/29/2013]

China to provide Sri Lanka’s first communication satellite.
[UPI – 05/29/2013]

Task of monitoring global air traffic to be greatly aided since successful launch of ESA’s Proba-V satellite May 6 with the first space-based automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) system.
[Satellite Today – 05/29/2013]

Advantech Wireless selected by SAVIS Tegnologia to provide geographically redundant military satellite communication network for SISFRON, the largest border security program in Latin America.
[Satellite Today – 05/29/2013]

MDA signs contract with Canada’s Department of National Defense to support a space-based surveillance solution being developed by MDA.
[Satellite Today – 05/29/2013]

SingTel looks at selling the satellite communications arm of its wholly-owned Australian subsidiary Optus to a private equity firm.
[smart company – 05/29/2013]

UAE and Belarus discuss ways to resolve interference between the satellite networks of the two countries in their Frequency Coordination Meeting.
[WAM -05/29/2013]

Gilat plans increased performance in the SkyEdge II-c product, with 66 Msps forward channel bandwidth.
[financial news – 05/29/2013]

Fifth WGS satellite receives first in-orbit signals.
[Satellite Today – 05/28/2013]

Pay-TV households across the globe expected to reach more than one billion before the end of 2013 according to senior analyst with Multimedia Research Group.
[Satelllite Today – 05/28/2013]

British company SATcase offers emergency satellite communication on smartphones via a smartphone case with a satellite receiver.
[Out and About Live – 05/28/2013]

Singapore-based Swire Pacific Offshore upgrades to Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband Unlimited on 65 of its vessels.
[Sacramento Bee – 05/28/2013]

SPOT Global Phone introduces satellite phones for outdoor recreation market.
[Canadian Reviewer – 05/28/2013]

Fifth WGS satellite rockets into space aboard Delta 4 rocket from Cape Canaveral.
[iol scitech – 05/27/2013]

Cost of modernized GPS ground control system soars $3.4 billion above original $1.4 billion price; development delays launch of satellites.
[Nextgov – 05/26/2013]

Astronauts should fly back to earth, according to this company.
[Nextgov – 05/24/2013]

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