WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 07/26/2013

Ariane 5 successfully launches Europe’s largest-ever telecommunications satellite, Inmarsat’s I-4A using the Alphasat bus, and a meteorological spacecraft for India.
[Space News – 07/26/2013]

Initial batch of O3b satellite ready for handoff to operator.
[Space News – 07/26/2013]

Panasonic Avionics and China Telecom Satellite Communications to jointly develop and support in-flight connectivity solutions for the Chinese market.
[Market Watch – 07/25/2013]

Embraer selects Orbit Communication Systems to provide IP-based communication management solution for its aircraft.
[Hispanic Business – 07/25/2013]

Eutelsat unveils ‘smart LNB’ for Direct-to-Home connected TV.
[Hispanic Business – 07/25/2013]

Successful partnership between Thuraya, China Mobile Satellite Communications Group, and China Telecommunications Corporation leads to rapidly increasing airtime usage and requirement for additional E1 line.
[40-traders – 07/25/2013]

Global Warranty Group to be exclusive provider of extended service plans to Delta Wave Communications for their mobile satellite equipment.
[PR Web – 07/25/2013]

Intelsat-sponsored GVF training program passes 1000 participant mark.
[Satellite Today – 07/25/2013]

HISPASAT sponsors Ultra High Definition documentary on the Prado Museum.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/25/2013]

Globecomm receives contract from U.S. Government prime contractor for its Auto ExplorerTM products valued at $1.2 million.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/25/2013]

C-COM announces partnership with South Africa’s largest independent telecommunications firm Vox Telecom to provide iNetVu Mobile antennas.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/25/2013]

Australia-funded WGS-6 seen as model for future U.S. military satellite constellations.
[Space News – 07/24/2013]

Astrium signs contract with Korean Aerospace Research Institute to jointly design and manufacture the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager II for the future Korean mission GEO Kompsat 2B.
[Satellite Today – 07/24/2013]

Aerojet withholds 25% of payment to United Technologies Corp for purchase of Rocketdyne pending Russian government approval of transfer to Aerojet of UTC/Rocketdyne’s 50% stake in company providing first-stage engine for U.S. Atlas 5 rocket.
[Space News – 07/24/2013]

Telenor renews multiple agreements with Harris CapRock for satellite capacity services from its 1° West orbital location.
[MarineLink – 07/24/2013]

Second MUOS satellite responds to commands after a successful launch.
[Space Daily – 07/23/2013]

Navy considers inviting international partners to join MUOS communications network.
[Defense News – 07/23/2013]

Astrium and Thales Alenia wins contract with United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defense for design, construction and managing next-generation military surveillance satellites.
[Satellite Today – 07/23/2013]

Space Systems/Loral is selected to provide communications satellite to Intelsat. [Wall Street Journal – 07/23/2013]

Singapore plans a push into space technology that will initially focus on satellites, a plan lined with risks given history of domination by Western firms and high entry barriers.
[Fox Business – 07/23/2013]

NASA boosts satellite communications with lasers.
[Engineering On The Edge – 07/23/2013]

Canada plans to solicit proposals to build up to three ground stations for the WGS satellites.
[Space News – 07/23/2013]

STM Group expands operations in Brazil.
[IT Business Net – 07/23/2013]

Sub-Saharan Africa expected to provide tremendous opportunities for DTH platforms over coming years.
[NSR – 07/23/2013]

East Africa’s ZUKU TV fully migrates to SES 5.
[Satellite Today – 07/23/2013]

Legal action by governor of Sicily and protests impede Navy MUOS broadband ground station construction in Sicily.
[NextGov – 07/22/2013]

Telespazio wins contract to deploy one of largest VSAT networks in Europe for Les Mousquetaires group.
[Satellite Today – 07/22/2013]

Thuraya and GlobalStar hope to capitalize on increasing demand for satellite cellular service.
[Satellite Today – 07/22/2013]

Global Eagle and China Telecom to offer in-flight Wi-Fi in Chinese airspace.
[Satellite Today – 07/22/2013]

National Association of Broadcasters joins Society of Broadcast Engineers to present NAB/SBE Satellite Uplink Operators Training Workshop.
[Radio World – 07/22/2013]

Globalstar’s second-generation satellite technology boosts productivity, efficiency and worker safety in Canada’s Oil and Gas industry.
[Market Watch – 07/22/2013]

Fashion TV selects SatLink Communications to playout, uplink and stream its HD channel onto AsiaSat 5.
[Telecom Lead – 07/22/2013]

NSR’s Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand Study, in its 109th year, to provide in-depth and detailed analysis of fundamental questions facing commercial satellite market.
[NSR Report – August 2013]

NSR’s 7th edition of the Wireless Backhaul via Satellite report analyzes upcoming programs and game changing elements in the market.
[NSR Report – August 2013]

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