Cool New M-Shaped Boat for the Navy

While its use of the global positioning system or SatCom may be its only direct tie to satellites, the new Twin M hull vessel “Stiletto” was too cool to avoid mention here on RRS. In addition to looking really cool, the craft offers new advances in watercraft design, it’s twin M hull allowing the craft, according to M Ship Company’s (it’s maker) website, "[recapture] the bow wave using its energy to create an air cushion for more efficient planing."

Navy SEALs are already using the technology according to a navy website:

"The Stiletto’s patented M-shaped hull provides a stable, yet fast, platform for mounting electronic surveillance equipment or weapons, or for conducting special operations. The hull design does not require foils or lifting devices to achieve a smooth ride at high speeds in rough conditions. Its shallow draft means the M80 Stiletto can operate in riverine environments and potentially allows for beach landings."

Although tangential to a lot of what we cover on RRS, the Sitletto really shows the interesting work that is being done around the country in engineering. Awesome stuff!