DirecTV Now Connects to Viiv Boxes


Very interesting post on Engadget this morning:

After DirecTV’s long-awaited HR20 HD DVR finally got its rightful announcements and actually hit users’ hands, it wasn’t too long before folks were plugging and praying in hopes of getting their new toy to play nice with that HTPC beside it. While we knew the two firms had gone hand-in-hand awhile back, we finally got the thumbs-up that a new, Viiv-alicious DirecTV Plus HD DVR would be unveiled soon to interact out-of-the-box with Viiv-enabled systems, but more importantly, that a software update was coming to the plain ole HR20s to accomplish the same thing. The time has come, and users are reporting over at DBSTalk that the “0×108 software” has opened up the Ethernet port for use, and allows browsing / connections via a Viiv-certified machine, but definitely made things difficult for those not exactly keen on shelling out for a few new components. Nevertheless, there’s already been somewhat of a workaround worked out, which allows PCs with just Windows MCE installed to “see” the HR20, but not “serve up files in a way that HR20 can work with,” which we’re all but certain will change as the wheels spin in owners’ heads. Reportedly, DirecTV is establishing a dedicated website to getting folks up and running with the new connectivity options, and be sure to keep an eye on the linked thread for any “future developments” regarding non-Viiv-savvy PCs.



But do you really need a Viiv PC? This Digger doesn’t think so.