New Canadian Satellites


Happy news from Ottawa

Two Ottawa-based satellite companies have awarded a total of 12 licences by the federal government to launch new satellites to improve broadcasting and telecommunications services to Canadian entrepreneurs and customers.

We blogged about Canada’s Community Access Program being at risk in Labrador, and new broadband solutions in Saskatchewan, so we know how important satcom will be in the Great White North.

Ensuring Canadians have acccess to vital communications services, Industry Canada issued several new satellite spectrum licenses today:

Licence                   Frequency Band/Orbital Position          Applicant
2                              17 GHz BSS/72.5W                                 Telesat
5                              17 GHz BSS/82W                                    Telesat
6                              17 GHz BSS/86.5W                                 Telesat
8                              Ka FSS/91W                                            Ciel
9                              17 GHz BSS/91W                                    Ciel
12                            17 GHz BSS/103W                                  Ciel
14                            17 GHz BSS/107.3W                               Ciel
16                            Ka FSS/109.2W                                       Ciel
17                            Extended Ku FSS/111.1W                       Ciel
23                            Ka FSS/118.7W                                       Telesat
24                            17 GHz BSS/118.7W                               Telesat
28                            12 GHz BSS/138W                                  Ciel


Here’s the news release:


The Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of Industry, today announced the results of a licensing initiative to authorize the development of new Canadian satellites that will increase and improve broadcasting and telecommunications services to Canadian entrepreneurs and consumers. The first satellites are expected to provide services as early as 2010.

"Canada needs to increase its satellite capacity to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for satellite services," said Minister Bernier. "By awarding these new licences, we are helping the expansion of satellite capacity and services that will benefit Canadians for years to come. We’re helping to foster an environment that will bring all the benefits of competition, including increased product and service offerings, choice in supplier, competitive prices and export revenues."

Canadian satellite operators Ciel Satellite LP and Telesat Canada have indicated their intention to invest several billion dollars in building and launching new Canadian satellites, which will provide the capacity needed to fully implement high-definition television in Canada and carry important new and advanced telecommunications services such as satellite Internet. These new satellites will also help connect all regions of Canada, especially in the North, where satellites are the vital link to providing public safety, national security and government services. This process represented the largest spectrum licensing initiative ever undertaken in Canada and will lead to Canadian consumers and businesses gaining access to emerging satellite broadcasting and telecommunications services such as high-definition TV, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), satellite broadband and multimedia consumer applications.