New Satcom in Texas

ND SatCom is moving to Plano:

ND SatCom Inc., a supplier of satellite-based broadband VSAT, broadcast, government and defense communication network and ground station solutions company, U.S. headquarters has moved into a Plano facility. The state-of-the-art, 23,000 square foot facility will house design, integration and testing of both fixed and mobile satellite earth terminals.

"Today is a milestone in ND Sat-Com Inc.’s history. The more spacious office, customer training and integration facilities are an excellent foundation for the company’s future development in the America’s satellite communications industry and for servicing our customers more efficiently. The attractive package that the City of Plano offered us for this new business location supports us in our progress," said Chris Morris, president & CEO, Americas.

But ND SatCom’s services extend beyond Plano — well beyond Texas. Earlier this year, the company implemented Bulgaria’s first satellite-based telemedicine network. Of all the global sat providers, why did Bulgaria look to ND?

Tzvetelina Dimitrova, CEO of Interactive Technologies, explains why the company chose ND SatCom for this specific project: "ND SatCom’s SkyWAN® is a platform which supports the wide range of applications such as video conferencing, IP video and VoIP needed in this project. Due to its allocation on demand scheme, SkyWAN® offers our end customer an optimized and dynamic bandwidth usage." Dieter Dreizler, Director Sales of ND SatCom, says: "ND SatCom’s SkyWAN® technology supports the network’s performance and offers unique redundancy features. Effectiveness and reliability are key factors in telemedicine communication. Given that parts of Bulgaria are earthquake endangered regions and terrestrial lines might fail, satellite communication is the best solution for providing independent and consistent telemedicine services."