Satellite 2008 Updates


Scoring at the Satellite show in Washington? Maybe at Sunday’s hockey game (the New Jersey Devils beat the Washington Capitals in overtime).

While formally beginning tomorrow, today’s "preday" schedule at the Satellite 2008 conference in DC is chock full of panels and presentations.

As the conference website says, Satellite 2008 is "where the most prominent experts, C-Level executives and thought leaders" in the satellite industry "join forces for YOU."

It’s also a great place to see the formal lifting of the curtain on new technology. Some highlights from a round of press releases provides a virtual stroll through the display booths:

  • Hughes Network Systems  "will showcase the power of broadband services as it highlights its advanced fixed and mobile satellite offerings…Visitors to the booth can experience these services first-hand through interactive demos. From digital signage, to distance learning, to emergency communications and continuity of operations, Hughes is leading the way in bringing broadband to governments, enterprises, small businesses and consumers. Hughes executives will be presenting on several panels throughout the conference, addressing topics ranging from government solutions and hybrid networks, to Ka-Band opportunities and top satellite markets of the next half-decade."
  • iDirect, which recently tested the commercial version of its DVB-S2 Evolution platform simulating a live customer environment, will have a booth where users can try out the platform’s VoIP, Web browsing and other capabilities. iDirect’s Evolution platform comprises a new line of DVB-S2 remotes and line cards as well as advanced operating and network management software, according to their press release. "During the tests, the platform’s Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) feature successfully enabled iDirect’s Evolution series remote to maintain optimum coding and modulation schemes, operating at 16-APSK during fair weather conditions and shifting to more robust modulation and coding schemes during a simulation of link fade conditions."
  • MorganFranklin and GATR Technologies will be at booth #1600. "GATR will display its transportable, inflatable, high-bandwidth satellite antenna system (GATR-Com). Its unique inflatable design allows it to be carried into locations where a high-bandwidth (large aperture) dish is required and a satellite truck or trailer cannot be deployed. MorganFranklin will provide the reliable communication infrastructure (satellite, RF and IP network integration) that completes the connections (IP-based phone, Internet, broadcast video/audio and/or data) as needed for challenging communication situations such as mobile emergency communications, remote news gathering and broadcasting, and military applications."
  • Newtec, a world-leading innovator in the satellite and communications industry, will be displaying ‘Point&Play’, "an innovative capability involving an antenna pointing tool, combined with advanced satellite modem software, which allows the installer, be it a professional installer or the end user, to easily position the antenna correctly. It does not require any computer pointing software, provides correct satellite identification and gives feedback on both signal quality and correct satellite lock."

Undoubtedly, there will be other displays of interest at Satellite 2008. What are you seeing that fires your imagination?