Podcast Numbers Overtake Radio Stations

Although the reach of radio remains infinitely larger, a major milestone in the distribution of new media content was hit when the number of podasts exceeded the number of radio stations recently. SiliconRepublic:

There are now more podcasts than there are radio stations worldwide, matching a prediction made on an Irish blog site last year….

Podcasts cover a range of areas; the most popular is science, followed by religion, audio blogs, technology and talk radio. Other common categories include news, arts, movies and TV, sport, health, travel and food….

“[Podcasts] not equal in size or money or importance but it’s about choice,” Greene added, suggesting that the alternative listening choice now available to the public via podcasting would mean the end for what he calls “wallpaper radio”. Unlike many mainstream radio stations which take their playlists from a narrow selection of music formats, podcasts are designed to appeal to niche audiences.