Sox Fans Say, Where’s the Sat?


Boston Red Sox fans woke up at 6 am this morning to tune in the first pitch of the Major League baseball season opener (held this year in Tokyo) only to find — nothing:

I’ve been getting emails from DirecTV customers, who’ve said that their packages (ESPN2 and NESN) are out. Not sure if this is affecting all customers, or just some, but apparently there are some very unhappy early risers.

It’s been our general experience that it’s best not to anger Red Sox fans first thing in the morning — or any time of the day, for that matter. 

The customer service phone line said there was a system outage, according to the comments  the Extra Bases blog.

Turns out, the Standard Definition NESN Channel was out but NESN HD continued working. ESPN2HD was out, too, on DirecTV.

It was a dangerous situation, with one Boston fan warning, "I’m gonna go flip some cars."

Bobby Valentine himself thought the timing (of the game, not the outage) was "ludicrous." 

The Red Sox ended up defeating Oakland 6-5. No official word yet on what caused the broadcast out(r)age.