XH-150 Returns to Seattle

Longtime readers here at Really Rocket Science know that we’re always impressed with next generation technology.

Today, this press release from AFS Trinity Power Corporation caught our eye: 

 Two XH-150 prototypes are returning this week to the Seattle area after being unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and then traveling to cities across the U.S. to demonstrate the car to carmakers, government officials and the driving public, including a ride-and-drive demonstration on Earth Day for members of Congress in the Nation’s Capital.

Road tests of the XH-150 at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in South Carolina prior to the Detroit unveiling demonstrated extreme fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Test reports indicated the XH-150 traveled 41.9 miles without burning an once of fuel in a mixed urban/highway driving cycle, achieved all-electric highway speed of 87 MPH, accelerated faster to 60 MPH than comparable gasoline-only models (11.6 seconds) and, in full hybrid mode, delivered zero to 60 in just 6.9 seconds.  Along with dramatically reducing vehicle emissions, the XH-150 is expected to significantly reduce the cost of operating a car. It uses only one dollar of off-peak electricity to provide enough power for the average driver’s 40 miles of daily driving and can achieve 150 miles per gallon during a typical 340 mile week. No other hybrid or plug-in hybrid of which AFS Trinity is aware has demonstrated the ability to achieve such fuel economy, range,  highway speed and acceleration.

The Governor of Washington, along with local and state officials, will be tooling near South Lake Union in Seattle today to celebrate the homecoming of the incredible vehicle.


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